Balanced output?

I don’t wanna be that guy, but we’re nearing the end of the first month of Q3 2019, the planned release was over a quarter ago, has something gone wrong? The least you can do is give us some kind of update.

Hi @Brian:
It’s on the way, but might need some more time :wink:

I cannot post any other details at the moment.


Holy shit, I wasn’t expecting much of an answer tbh, but that looks dope, can’t wait to purchase one!


It’s only the first month of the 3rd quarter. Good things take time.

Wow looks awesome.
What is the knob on the left for?

Is there any possibility for optical in? Moreover, can the design team take into consideration something similar in design to the JDS Labs Atom for the case? The Khadas/Atom combo is quite popular around many places and I’m sure people would rather have as close to a matching set as possible.

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BTW this doesn’t appear to be a totally redesigned Tone Board. Probably only add-on circuitry for balanced output signal. Not dual-mono DACs in running in differential mode.

Will the next generation balanced version support DSD512 ??

I can use the current version at DSD512 … at least my software (roon) says its doing DSD512 via upsampling. I have 2 units both can play DSD512 connected via Raspberry Pi using as Roon endpoint. No issues…sounds great.

The raspberry Pi have no problem upsampling from from 44.1kHz -> DSD512. I’m impressed

its passing DSD512 not doing the upsample…get real here…Roon is doing the upsampling

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ha. yea. missed that out

+1 for the balanced output and the optical input
Thank you

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Any ETA on the balanced version ?

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Will there also be a stripped down version? No box, no control knob? External power is great, but there should be a version for DIY projects.

Yes, will do a stripped down edition for DIY projects, and with external power.

Nice to read your input about external Power (+5V).
Could you confirm some points :
1 - Balanced output : dual ES9038Q2M chips ?
2 - TosLink input : input selector to switch from SPDIF/USB/TosLink ?
3 - Pinouts for DAC output volume ?
4 - Pads or embeded connectors for DIY version ?

Thanks for your answers.

why bother paying a second dac chips when you could just use an opamp to drive that 3rd neutrik pin !?

Hi Ravelo
Two DACs should get better channel separation, reduced cross talk, allows better dynamics, reduces distortion. You’ll you get, theorically, 3dB increase in S/N ratio.
There will be more current available to drive the output, result is higher voltage outputs.
Cost of a second ES9038Q2M DAC chip is low, averaged by double components required.
Anyway, DAC chip implementation is crucial, mono or dual.

Most interresting points are, for myself, input selectors (I2S/SPDIF/TosLink), volume output (fixed by resistor or pot) and versatile pads to allow DIY input/output custom connectors.


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Thread Bump.

When will the balanced KTBD be available for sale ?

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