Khadas Tone Board and Windows XP

Hi All

I am using Windows XP SP3 (32bit),
and would like to purchase the Khadas Tone Board.

The Khadas Tone Board’s USB chip is: XMOS XU208

Is there a driver for Windows XP for XMOS XU208?

Thank you all

Hello, I do not have an XP installation to test on. However, the package successfully installed on a 32bit Vista machine.
The inf file from the install package, when opened with a text editor, shows support for XP.
Screencap of inf…

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>The inf file from the install package, when opened with a text editor, shows support for XP.
>Screencap of inf

This is amazing…
I wonder why in their website, Thesycon do not mention Windows XP…

Thank you for this info

I do not know why it is not mentioned on Thesycon’s site, but Windows XP is also referenced in the Tone Board Users Manual. :slight_smile:

RDFTKV Thank you so much!

Where is the official place to download the driver?
Is it both on and Thesycon’s website?

I downloaded the driver from here.
Other info can be found here.
Tone board firmware can be found here.
All above links are Khadas.

Thank you so much.

BTW, Is there a reason to touch the firmware?
Doesn’t a unit that is purchased these days come with the latest firmware like what you can find on the website (the latest there is v1.04)?

Generally not required to touch the F/W, I would think. However, figuratively speaking, something put in to inventory today, will not have tomorrow’s F/W revision. Whether one decides to update F/W will be at the user’s prerogative.
I listed the link to F/W as a general info.

I see.
I really appreciate your help, you helped me decide to buy.

BTW, you’re from the Khadas team?

You are welcome.
I am not an official Khadas Team member, just a long time forum member.
Khadas team is busy to the max at the moment, just helping to fill in. :slight_smile:

I understand.
Your help is appreciated.

BTW If I have a small sugegstion regarding the Khadas Tone board, whom should I give it to?

I would like to suggest them to include an Optical SPDIF input too, in a future revision (If they make one…).
The advantage of using Optical SPDIF, is that it gives complete electrical isolation…
Something that a Coaxial doesn’t give…

You could send a message to Khadas staff like Gouwa, tsangyoujun and the team.
I do recall optical SPDIF, as well as balanced outputs, being discussed for a future revision. I am on an old phone now, searching for links is laborious on it. When I get to a PC, I will find that discussion, will be later.
The same signal drives both coaxial and optical SPDIF, I believe it would be possible to DIY add or convert the TB’s coax(RCA) to SPDIF, but don’t quote me on that.:laughing:
I believe it is possible because of an SPDIF project I did on the VIMs.

Link to balanced output discussion.
Link to SPDIF discussion.

I went now to their profile pages, here in the forum system,
but it appears that there’s no “Send Message” button there.

So I sent Gouwa an email.

Thank you for the links…

If you click a user’s avatar, a screen will pop up with a message tab on the upper right.
My apologies, I should have pointed that out.
Please keep in mind that they are quite busy at the moment, could effect response time.

No worries, an email has been sent :slight_smile:
Thank you for everything…

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Hi Guys,

I could not get it to work on Windows XP, 32bit SP3.
The PC detects the new hardware but the driver (v224) will not install completely.