Accessories for Khadas VIM


Yes, it isn’t easy to figure out which jack is used, and i didn’t find any info on the manual.

I have few phone chargers rated 5V/2A, so this won’t be a problem, i did contact gearbest, to be sure the size is right, they should point me in the right direction.

I know that i can harm my device(s) by using 12V adapter, don’t worry, i won’t do such a move :slight_smile:

Thanks for helping me!


I am thinking about ditching this fan, it is louder than my desktop fan, i could live with the poor design of gpio fan connector that goes outside the case, but what bothers me is that i can’t control it.

If i could lower the fan rpm-s, or maybe to set the fan to turn on when the cpu reaches some temperature, that would be a different story.

But for now i do have a custom made, completely silent desktop fan that serves it’s purpose, it would probably be louder with 12V adapter, but who cares when 5V is enough for cooling the device.

I do hope they will reconsider the Vim design, there should be a revision that addresses these issues, making a new board without fixing this issues would be a little silly.

And i do hope we will see other accesories for Vim, i think most people don’t care about screws for cluster computing, i would like to see other things for it.

This is my first sbc, and there were things i didn’t know about when i bought it, regarding to hw and sw, but now i do understand a lot of things, and i can see why there are popular and less popular boards.


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Does the IR Remote come with an IR blaster or does the Vim SBC already have one built in ?


Vim has front two-channel IR receiver.メディアボックス.png


Khadas DIY Case and all other accessories can be check on
thank you.


I’ve ordered heatsink for Vim2, i’ve never used any heatsink before, i have a fan for vim, but it is too loud for me.

So the question is, is the heatsink enough for running Android/Linux?

I use Vim for multimedia tasks, little browsing and few other undemanding tasks.

I see Vim2 gets quite hot when watching movies, i’ve never checked temperatures, i hope my vim won’t get fried :slight_smile: .


Hi Tommy21:
The VIM2 fan is same with VIM1’s you have. The different is that we provide some Eva Washer to reduce the noise for VIM2 cooling fan.

You can check Khadas YouTube channel for the install guidance.

Have fun!


Yes, i know the fan is the same for both Vim’s, but i don’t even know if the diy case is needed to install heatsink, i only have transparent case that came with both vim’s, one for Vim1 has fan mounting hole?


Yes, the VIM1 don’t feature with a specified connector/header for cooling fan. We just thought the VIM1 will not need the fan when we designed the VIM1 :frowning:


Did i have to buy diy case, or will the heatsink fit inside transparent case??


The VIMs Heatsink only works for the DIY Case, the acrylic case not. :slight_smile:


So there is no point of having a heatsink without diy case, is it possible to use it without upper part of the case?

Why the case isn’t sold on gb, it makes no sense to sell if you can’t mount it?


Hello, you can use the heatsink, but with it mounted, there may not be enough clearance for some case(original) sections.
The heatsink is attached to the VIM’s PCB.

While on the subject, Khadas offers 4 options for the new cases, purple, red and clear. The colored and the clear cases come with a metal plate to add mass(not thermal mass, but…). The clear case can be purchased without a metal plate, it is great for tight budgets.
I wanted to experiment, so I ordered a red and two clear(without plates). Work in progress.:-):grin:


I didn’t know there are cheaper options, it’s not that i don’t have enough money, but i won’t give 15$ just for a case, there are better things to spend money on, thank you for helping.


I did not mean to imply that you were on a tight budget, I said that generically. :slight_smile:

But yes, the clear case without the metal plate, is good for other than tight budgets. For me, I was going to be cutting on them and felt it better to do that on the cheaper option.