Accessories for Khadas VIM


It fits the current capabilities of VIM (USB 2.0).

It fits current and future features of VIM (USB 3.0) for use in any home devices.

I’m going to use this hub to power the Board VIM (red connectors on the end). Then don’t need power supply. If you order from VIM and this hub, you can do without the power unit (partially offset by price hub). Ideally it would be nice if Khadas began to produce a smaller version of this hub (the size of the VIM and strengthen it from the bottom), on 8 regular ports and one for power VIM. With cable for power connection from the hub to the port VIN (which would have been free OTG port on the Pat VIM). To place USB connectors at parametru all lateral surfaces.


Didn’t try it yet but probably if you connect your vim to a powered hub, it will be powered through the usb port. No need for a extra power cable.
Just tried it, you can power it through a USB-port.


Yes, it can be powered through USB port, but if using other accessories plugged to on board USB ports(or GPIO) one should be mindful of 500mA and 900mA limits, depending on which USB port used for power.

More on this.


maybe to provide with Khadas VIM an USB Serial Cable (like wetek did , at least with wetek openelec version), in this way many problems could be tracked better (like currently burning tool problem which already two guys have.

Or to plan this with VIM 2 . I am sure everyone can give few bucks more to have such cable at home!


Show an example of such a cable.


well anything Khadas produce for VIM / VIM2 devices

but something like:
USB TO TTL UART Module Serial Converter for GeekBox
USB to TTL Serial Cable - Debug / Console Cable #954


Do you plan to release any expansion boards for Vim, there is a board that can be used with geekbox, do you plan anything similar?


Has the fan been released to gearbest for sale? I still can find it there…


There is still nothing on Gearbest, can i ask you why you can’t order from Geekbuying?

I would like to see some kind of expansion board that will add extra functionality to this board, usb and other stuff, do you have anything in plan?


We will launch screws for clusters first: :blush:


Hi @Gouwa, What kind of performance can we expect from this Cluster Computing?


Well, I prefer to buy things from one place. I was told it will be available in Gearbest, hence the question.


I am the same, that is why I did not buy the fan yet…


Don’t know why fan kit isn’t on Gearbest’s site yet, but you can get it on Geekbuying’s site.


To me GeekBuying is better for 1 reason. Shipping is cheaper and they offer TNT which has the best service in South Africa


I got my Vim from Gearbest in 2 weeks. GeekBuying is asking 30 days.
In any case that is not what I asked. My question was about GearBest, and will the fan be there any time soon?


Hi, Jose:
In your case, would be better buy from Geekbuying first.

Willow will try to push Gearbest got the fan onliine again and asap.


Hi Gouwa,

Many thanks. I bought the fan earlier today from GeekBuying. It would be great in the future if all accessories are available in Gearbest as well.



One question, i bought this usb hub,

i tested it with all 4 ports running without power supply, keyboard, mouse, and 2.5" hdd worked connected to the left usb, the one that is nearer to power, reset and function buttons, right usb didn’t work.

I didn’t test the transfer speed of hdd, didn’t even try to transfer anything, i’ll do that later, however it was recognized, keyboard and mouse were working, i was surprised, i didn’t believe it will work.

This hub has DC in port, and i can’t find any info about which power adapter to use, or which cable to connect with usb power adapter, for power supplying the device.

I do have 12V/1A adapter that would fit, but it is recommended to use 5V/2A adapter, i wouldn’t want to risk with it.

So if anyone can point me what to buy from any shop, so i don’t have to go to the local stores and search for the right adapter.

Update: I did test hdd, using usb to sata adapter, i was watching 1 hour video using Vlc player for Android, keyboard and mouse were connected too, i had absolutely no issues, didn’t test transfer speed yet, but i do hope it will be a pleasant experience.


Hello Tommy

hard to see what kind of jack is used, for sure isn’t 5.5/2.1mm, is probably smaller, like 3.5/1.3mm

than this can be suitable universal solutions:

than you can just buy USB 2.1A charger fit to our power socket.

btw, for sure you have to use 5V adapter. +12V adapter will kill not only yours hub, but probably VIM and drive, etc… do not plug it! That is my strong recommendations.