Accessories for Khadas VIM


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What else will be added to list this month?

we will add the cooling fan and heat sink this month.

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I place ordered on the remote, still not ship after 10 days, anyone receive it?

Is there out of the box support for the remote with the VIM? ie: Im running the factory installed Android w/Kodi. I also installed Netflix and Hulu. Will it work with all of theses apps with no work?

Also, how well built is the remote? Is it solid or does it have a cheap feel?

Our official ROM also support the IR remote accessories posted in # 1 above.

Yes, the remote works in the usual way remotes for TV Boxes work. Its functions can be extended using the Xposed framework module GravityBox.

I have not tried Netflix or Hulu, I don’t have accounts to those services. As a general rule, these services will work on these types of devices, albeit with some caveats. Usually those services will not play in HD. Very few TV boxes have HD on those services, like the Shield TV and a couple of others.

As to the remotes “feel”, that is subjective. I can say it feels better than some. The remote is consistent with most TV box remotes. The same remote is used for several brands of boxes, like Ugoos, Nagrace and the Vim’s cousin, the Geekbox.

The remote on the left is the type that is available for the Vim. It feels much better made than the remote on the right.

It would be nice if the list of available elements will be able to buy the regular case (case elements). That you could order an extra case for his free alterations.

Yes, that would be nice. I have been reluctant to cut the top because I might want to go back to stock.

@balbes150 @RDFTKV Do you mean the acrylic case? or a new designing case/housing?

I would like to be able to modify the existing case top section(Shown as Section 1 in the picture).
I don’t want to cut the original, because it is so pretty. :slight_smile:
I may want to return to the stock top.

OK, I see now. We will arrange the acrylic case online for sale soon.

It is desirable to be able to buy

  1. The top part separately.
  2. All the regular case (all components as pictured, except for the PCB)
  3. It would also be good (if possible), top part separately as in paragraph 1 + to buy the screws increased height by 2-4 cm (which is pictured in the upper left row).

I analyzed and came to the conclusion the third point want to change, that it is necessary to use studs. Long studs 6-8 cm complete with them to add 16 nuts (nuts which are used in the normal case). The result set should consist of 4 studs and 16 nuts + lower cover and upper cover. This will make the “two floor” design where you can adjust the height of the covers and placing them in elements.

Does anyone have the design for the acrylic top? I would like to create some custom designs (laser cut or 3D printed) but ideally start from the “original” for accurate screw holes etc.

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If your design is good, I think you can sale it online :slight_smile:

just a question about the cooling-fan kit, is it available now?
I have ordered at geekbuy (dont know this shop before) on 18. Feb.
Until now they havent shipped out, i have sent them mail, but they decided to ignore me

I ordered it 9 days ago, they still haven’t shipped the fan.

Hello, sorry for delay. Here is the news of cooling fan.

  1. the cooling fan is imported from Taiwan and deliver to China last week.
  2. we have arrange the shipment to the warehouse of Geekbuying already in this Monday 2017-2-27
    they will receive and arrange the shipment to worldwide very soon.
    thank you.

Mine got shipped today, finally.

When are you planning to release more accessories, rtc battery for example?