DXF drawing of top acrylic plate?


is it possible to share the dxf file of the top plate of the acrylic case. I want to laser it out of aluminium so i can use it as passive cooling plate. I would connect the plate with a thermal pad to the processor.
I already did something similar to a H3 board and the processor doesn’t get any higher then 42°C.

I think there should be no problemI to share that, I will apply for that, and update next week.

Good idea I feel.
Do a top and bottom plate
Jam thermal pad between PCB and Plates excellent idea
Well I think so :+1:

Hi, roeleman & Robert:
Check the Khadas Docs for the resources:


thanks for sharing the drawing. Excellent service!
I will see if I can laser it this week out of aluminium.
If everything is done I will share the results and the pictures here.


Are you using it as a heatsink as well?

Hello All,

can anybody confirm me, that is able to open 2D Drawing of Acrylic cover?


if is working and can be open, can you please let me know a version of 7z and tools for open that?
My Version of 7z 16.02, and package has CRC32 7FE650DB
For example https://a360.autodesk.com/viewer/ cannot open that file, even I’m change extensions to .dxf

thanks a lot

The .7z has a non-extension file, and I can’t open it with any software. I tried to add DXF/DWG to the file but nothing happened. Can you help me reup the file?

@bardkarry i just downlaoded that 7-zip file “Vim_Acrylic_top-bottom.7z” which contains file without extension “Vim_Acrylic_top-bottom”. I did renamed that file to “Vim_Acrylic_top-bottom.dxf” as written on docs page egg: “(DXF format)”.

Then i did download and install the DWG TrueView as i don’t have autodesk account for the “A360 Viewer (NEW)” and i don’t wont to register right now.
I was able to open that file without any issue.

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Hi, I just followed ur guide but DWG TrueView’ve shown me a gray screen and nothing happened.
I try to open the file by Autodesk Viewer online but the website can’t open too.
***Update: i’m sorry, i extracted nonextension file and it gave me 2 dxf files top and bottom :)))

Just FYI: You open the 7z file, rename the file with a .zip extension and then it will correctly open.