Accessories for Khadas VIM


I see Geekbuying has an RTC battery for the GeekBox, might be suitable with some heatshrink to cover the cell.

But this is speculation.


Yes, what RDFTKV said is exactly right, the RTC battery can be used on VIM too. :smile:

PS: VIM support timer power on/off.


I don’t need to make any modifications if i buy rtc battery for geekbox, it fits perfectly?


If the connector fits, and it looks like it would, the only mod that might be required is swapping the pins if they were wrong. That is easy to do with a straight pin or needle.
Also, I would want to insulate the exposed metal parts of the cell.

I don’t have this, so cannot vouch for its suitability.


Is the cooling fan going to be available at gearbest?


Yes, will also be sold on Gearbest.


Is it possible to add Vim kodi small 2.8 tff or other similar solution to show kodi display status same as the above url.
I am looking for very low cost solution.
Can you advice where and how to purchase?


The TFT screen should match the driver first before it can work on VIM :slight_smile:


Gouwa. Do you have the knowladge and can assit with that like you provided external cooling fan , remote ctrl etc?


There are a set of drivers for TFTs connected via SPI,, I only tried them with a Raspberry Pi, but they should be portable to other SOCs, all they use is the SPI and some GPIOs.
PS: Now they are part of the mainline Linux kernel:


opened a new thread for this:


Hi. This position is not yet available for order ? I want to buy 2 of the case.


You will be free to got the 2 cases as you are the active developers in the community. @willow will contact you for the details. You can also apply other accessories for free, just tell Willow about that.


By the way. And You don’t plan to release an expansion with additional USB ports to the SPDF and analog output for sound and MIC input ? You can use 4 dual USB port, same as used on the PC. Height restrictions on the extra Board will not. This charge can be connected from the bottom of the housing and connected to the connector 40 Pin. I think this card will be useful to many. It will be possible to fix the extension to SD cards.


This will be add to our plan list :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the feedback and suggestions.


Usb expansion would be great, i would like to have at least 4 more usb ports, lack of available usb ports is a deal breaker when it comes to this tiny dev boards/boxes.


Tommy, if need more USB onboard you can look at the GB DIY Hub for RPi
But you should keep in mind the power consumption and the Vim USB fuses rating


Thanks for suggestion, but i am not quite sure how much power would the board use with all those ports used, maybe it would work with 5V 3/4A adapter,2 ports for sata 2,5" hdd, usb sound card, keyboard and mouse, and one to connect usb stick, it would be great to be able to use all of this.

Does anyone use externally powered usb hub, would that be a good solution, would the hub interfere with Vim in negative way?


The limit to USB power is from the fuses not so much the power adapter used, incoming power via USB-C or Vin appears limited to 2600mA. Also seen in the picture below, 500mA(USB port next to LAN), 900mA(USB port next to USB-C) fuses limit current on port’s 5vdc output. The USB ports on the GPIO are each(?) limited to 500mA. It might better be seen in the Schematic(PDF)

EDIT: It would be good to have one of the little USB Volt/Current gadgets to get a real time reading of the current demands of each of your USB devices. I have one on the way, I get curious about this.

I sometimes use a generic powered 4-port hub. I have noticed no problems using it with the Vim or USB connected devices, Sound card, Mouse, Thumb drive, etc. I have not used for SATA or IDE yet.


Yes, i remembered later that it’s limited to 2600 mA, maybe it would be good to have something to see how much current it would draw.

I would buy usb hub with separate power, but i am not sure would it have any negative effect on Vim?