Youtube video jerky during playback

Under ubuntu on my VIM2, the videos are jerky but the sound is correct while under android everything is correct
Are there any settings to make under ubuntu?
Thank you

It will probably stay jerky forever, it doesn’t depend on your settings.

Vim2 is released, but there is still no proper support even for Vim1, i don’t have high hopes regarding both devices.

Thanks for your reply

It is linux and hardware video acceleration in general which is the usual and well known issue; fluid arm linux video is exceptional; that’s why media box manufacturers simply embed android with their device

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is youtube on vim2 really bad?
I just ordered one as desktop. and I will watch youtube a lot. should I cancel the order?

just be prepared to use android for any need of smooth media playing

I need it for running ubuntu.
I may be doing something in the background. how can I switch the system?
so, I should cancel the order, right?

Hi, carlhung:
Yep, as Tommy21 said, VIMs are not perfect at the moment, and the YouTube on Linux still need whole ARM-Linux open source community do more efforts on that to get the issue resolved and improve the user experience.

Too late. Already shipped out. What Can I do that if I want to use Ubuntu to watch Facebook? And why does vim2 play on android smoothly but not on Ubuntu? I am just curious. I thought Mali can be accumulated on Linux 4.9 kernel.

let me suggest this to @Gouwa:
for vim3, remove any video out socket, so that noboby will be deceived by video and 3d CGI not being accelerated. vim3 would be very ok anyway for running ubuntu server.


There have some good news: Amlogic and the open source community are working at Wayland, and Ubuntu 17.10 will support Wayland, it means that users can surfing videos thought Web Browser some day. :wink:

You will love VIM2 :rofl:

Hi carlhung,

We have not add hardware video acceleration on ubuntu now, sorry for that.

Ubuntu 17.10 is already available with Wayland, how about Armlogic? Any news?

@Gouwa where can I see information about these works ?

It seems that the best way to get hardware acceleration on any arm linux is for now to use the freedreno opensource “drivers”, so maybe Khadas should consider switching to qualcomm in the future ?

Amlogic staff told us for the news months ago, they have some projects for low cost solution to target country like India, thus project run Linux instead Android, which require lower DDR memory to reduce the cost.

@numbqq Nick also tested the buildroot from Openlinux Amlogic, the the wayland does works but still have issue months ago, I think future Amlogic release will improve this.

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So, will you then release Ubuntu 17.10 for Vim anytime soon, at least as preview?

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Our guys developed latest Ubuntu 17.10 for testing, but still many issues to be solved, so we didn’t release the ROM.

Seems that we can do preview version first.

Yes, good to hear that you are working on it, i hope we will see preview version soon.

I would like to be able to use this device as i use regular x86/64 pc, if Android can run everything, then i don’t see a reason why you wouldn’t be able to do this in Linux.

I don’t need games, i just need regular stuff to work, that would be awesome.

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