Youtube video jerky during playback


Any news about newer Ubuntu releases, 17.10 and 18.04 to be more precise, i’ve seen there has been some improvements regarding gpu and vpu acceleration on Mali with wayland, but none of it was on Amlogic board.

I know that this work is hard, and needs support from Amlogic and Arm, but why don’t you sometimes release test builds for the community, i am sure there are people that would like to help you out.


A working gpu library for amlogic S905 exists, but for S912 (vim2) looks like you can wait forever for the linux gpu support.

But I’m still getting 12fps MAX even on 720p videos under VIM1. And 30fps 1080p under other Amlogic S905 board the same time. And it’s terribly sad as I have to use another platform I don’t like and VIMs just eating dust on the shelf.


Surely it is the duty of the manufacturer to support its product rather than the communities responsibility. The same is true of the dTV board support - surely if the manufacturer want to sell product it will put some effort into getting basic driver support under linux when it claims its product is for Linux.

In response to the first post though, it seems video driver support under Ubuntu may never arrive - but Armbian has builds based upon the old Android Kernel which will probably run much better.



Manufacturers support only Android, because these boxes were designed to only be used with Android, i think i’ve read somewhere about how they need to acquire special licence to use Linux.

I do not know exactly, there are people that know much better how it all works, but i know it is not very simple task for everyone involved in this process.

I think that most of the stuff that is working in Linux is done by open source community.

I do believe that true Linux support would only increase their sales, everyone in Arm world would profit from this.


The manufacturer would have to pay licenses to AMlogic and ARM to release a binary blob for their boards. This has nothing to do with licenses to the Linux community and everything to do with ARMs attitude to anything other than Android.
However the Raspberry Pi foundation do a very good job under the same circumstances and if there is a need for a license then they make every effort to make the licensing process possible under Linux. I paid for the MP3 License on my Pi and was happy to do so for the functionality.

The VIM2 is crippled by a lack of graphics support, a lack of linux support for its own Sat. card, and a lack of AC3 support even within Android. I do not see why when it was specifying its products that it didn’t build in a licensing process or choose a contractor who were prepared to do the work on drivers.
This board was not marketed as just another Android box. If it wasn’t intending to fully support Linux then it should make these limitations abundantly clear in its advertising. When I see an advert claiming Ubuntu support I expect all parts of its hardware to be supported under Ubuntu.

I find myself in the ridiculous situation of using my dTV equipped VIM2 as a client to the PC running aTVheadend server which the VIM2 was bought to replace.



I totally agree with you, it is advertised as Ubuntu, and everything needs to work well under Ubuntu.

Unfortunately, every sbc manufacturer that is talking about Linux support is lying, i don’t even know is there any 100% Arm Linux working board, and Khadas is no exception.


The Raspberry Pi has excellent Linux support direct from the manufacturer. The Pi 3 makes an excellent entertainment center if you don’t need 4K (which lets face it most of us don’t).



Odroid has great linux support. At least I have a working GPU and easy overall setup like resolutions, splash screen image replacement, custom kernel building etc etc. But hardware is not as good for the price as Khadas :frowning:


@shoog I know about pi, i know it has great support, but i’ve never been a huge fan of it.

About 4k, i don’t need it, 1080 is enough, at least for now.

@kkkkk Which odroid do you have?


I have Odroid C2 - based on Amlogic S905