Where is the Android Pie download for VIM3?

Hi all,
The VIM3 came with Android Pie preinstalled on the eMMC. I wanted to try out some of the capabilities of the board and installed Ubuntu, followed by Debian, and now I want to return to Android Pie. But the /Android folder for VIM3 is empty on the ROM downloads server!

Any idea where I can download the ROM that came with the VIM3? Try as I may, I can’t find it. I didn’t back it up because, well, I never imagined it wouldn’t be available for download.


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Hi @BaldNerd:
We will upload the latest Android ROM tomorrow.

You can also follow the instructions try the LibreELEC ROM on VIM3.

Good day!


Thanks @Gouwa - looking forward to trying all the ROMs :smiley:

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