When will we see a VIM4?

Are there any plans for a VIM4, and if so, what might be some of its new/unique features ?

Hi Silver and welcome.
I can’t speak for Khadas but there are very few viable candidate chipsets with a significant increase in capability as wellas linux mainline kernel support as solid as the Amlogic A311D as found in the Vim3 Pro.

The SoC I’d like to see in a SBC is the Mediatek 1300T with it’s Cortex A78 cores giving ~ 50% single threaded improvement over A311D, along with its Mali G77 MP9 which should be around twice the performance of our G52 MP5.

Unfortunately Mediatek is promoting it as android-only at the moment.

I see no current or upcoming alternative ARM sbc SOCs with Linux support with significantly better GPU than ours. The MT8195 includes too few execution units to put it into another performance class over our GPU.

To conclude, I don’t see that any system-on-chip is ready to ship to small manufacturers that offers 1) good free software support and 2) significant performance gains at 3) a still affordable price.

My advice is to buy a Vim3 Pro and do cool things with it :slight_smile:

Would Khadas consider the RK3588 for a VIM4 when it is released?

I believe that is the current roadmap :slight_smile: