When will we see a VIM4?

On linux we are limited to CPU playback in the general sense, @fkaraokur, however:.

On my VIM3 pro, 30fps, 1080p vp9 from youtube plays fine in mpv, using ~115% cpu as reported by top.

Using mplayer, I get only 59% cpu usage on the video, no frame drops.

CPU governor is set to performance, 2.2ghz

OS is Devuan Ceres.

Some things that might cause poor playback might be playing in a browser (avoid that), or a desktop environment / windowmanager introducing overhead.

Do note the huge performance win using mplayer. It is the fastest cpu only video player on arm.

All attention should be paid to the CPU temperature, especially in Ubuntu.

This shows how more optimized codecs make much bigger differences :slightly_smiling_face:

Has anything new materialized with regard to the VIM4?

@Silver We are debugging, you will see it soon


Will it support POE + data on a single NIC?

So any update on how Vim4 debugging and use are progressing?

Also how is the software support doing?

@theguyuk Most of the functions have been verified, and some are in progress

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Hi Frank, thanks for the update. Any ETA for the release or pre-order? I don’t want to miss it by just a month or 2 buying a VIM3 now.



@c3V6a2Vy It will take about two months. There is a Chinese New Year


looking forward to it and happy new year!

@c3V6a2Vy It’s Chinese New Year in a few days and I can’t wait to go home for the festival :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Happy Chinese New Year too!!!


I see vim4 Krescue and vim4 Android demo os in dl.khadas.com… Wew, my vim3 already outdated :cry:

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So how close are things to Vim4 going on sale?

Have you hit any major issues or are things proceeding smoothly?


@theguyuk VIM4 is currently progressing steadily and will meet you soon :smiley:




@Frank I see that VIM4 has two MIPI-CSI connectors. Will there be driver support for Linux (Ubuntu) to use both of these simultaneously?

Is NPU performance still a secret? :slight_smile:



One is the main interface, and the other is for extension. It is still uncertain whether it will be designed for dual interfaces

We don’t have any information on NPU yet.

Using so much of resource just for Android use case? :wink:

It deserves much better to be fully utilized.

ye well as you know this is not “legit” ATV so as you know some stuff like netflix atv and some other apps will not work!
Plus i had to do a lot of surgery on the available sdk, lots stuff missing + khadas team made changes that affect the atv side i had to undo them.
i can tell you i have been on it for a couple of days now and i still not finished.
But i like that now the khadas own stuff(fan control etc) as its own independent apps :slight_smile: (nice one khadas team on that!)

Ye you right it deserves better, but if you want it to stay “open” they cant go full legit ATV.
As you know legit atv + open does not compute to google lol