What stuff doesn't work on VIM3?

With Linux it’s always more important what doesn’t work, than what works?

I am just being curious about what software doesn’t work or was dificult to install.

Are the Visual Studio Code for C++ and Eclipse for Java IDEs working?

I am most concerned about IDEs. But wouold like to know if OpenOffice suite works, as well, because I fancy using it as a desktop computer as well…

i know python works, PyCharm is available for VIM3
actually libreOffice works and is preinstalled in ubuntu


Does any office type app work?

I think you should flash Manjaro arm and test it all yourself,

We have libreoffice working and installed by default.
Most of the desktop apps are working. Some proprietory once need to add aarch64 to their apps like zoom doesn’t work, waiting for Anydesk, teamviewer to work on Aarch64 too.

I don’t think all of them are available for Aarch64 yet, but I think atom ide is there.


yes I believe atom IDE works
Note you will have to use wine to make it work

wine doesnt work on aarch 64 I believe

No I used it quite a bit ago, it works

Wine is for X86… You can’t run it natively in Arm64… you need to setup X86 emulation and then run wine… There is going to be a huge performance penalty…

I am talking about windows apps that run natively on ARM
i agree with x86 emulation I just tested some apps that do have support for ARM

the above link runs app on emulation not natively

oops, didn’t see that :grimacing: