What is this test program?

Ive seen this on a few other media devices i have. Ive had this pop up a few times on different boxes now on the Khadas board?

At first i thought it was some kind of programming error on the cheaper boxes i have but now im not so sure its an error.

It usually shows the box ID and seems to test other things

It’s for final testing at the factory before shipping the device. They run this as a burn-in test for at least a day to ensure nothing fails early then if it’s all okay after the test period it’s put in a box and shipped out.

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Hi BowerR64
this is one of the factory test programming, it seem like your TF card have a test file, please delete the test file.

How did i get it?

Where did it come from? stock rom or where?
Wish i knew how to delete it, like i said ive seen it on a few other boxes i have but a different loop of video.

@kenny I hope my request is complaint with the khadas standards, but can you make that test program available for people to verify that their hardware is ok ?

we have faced a lot of problems in current times with many members asking if their hardware is dead, or facing poblems with USB ports, HDMI port etc. I thing it is a very useful Hardware diagnostic tool…

Well it popped uo right after i put the image file from one board to the other.

My wifi hasnt been setup yet, once i set it up the wifi passed, when i put a USB drive in the USB port it then passed im sure if i connected a network cable to the LAN it would pass also

Was that from the new one with the 316 firmware?

Does it keep coming ?
You have attached a photo of it, but when does it actually kick in ?
is it an Apk or does it happen whilst booting the device ?

You need to delete the file khadas_test.xml on your TF or USB storage.

@Terry is this file not open for public?
It seems like a very useful diagnostic for people with hardware problems…

how do you plan to use it if, for example, a person cannot log into the system?

That would be a different situation,
this could be useful when the person is, in say Ubuntu 5.5 rc2 for example, and the USB ports or the TF slot does not work, this can be utilized to check hardware integrity…
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Khadas boards go from factory to android, this screenshot is from android system

perhaps the program can be modified to work on Linux as well,
maybe even a part of Krescue !, we have dealt with many problems related to ports not working etc. this could ease the diagnostic procedure for everyone :smiley:

I think there are enough tools for diagnosing boards from Khadas, use the search on the forum and there is enough documentation on this topic

we still get topics everyday telling that the USB ports don’t work, etc. It is just useful in my idea, I wanted to create my script to do it, but why do it when it already exists…

write your program, if you know how to create programs

well, I will try my best to do it, I need to decide on the suitable language…

I think it would be more correct

I still need some hints to develop it, maybe understand the technique of how it does the diagnostic and implement it in a different code…