Webview not working on Pie

I have just got a VIM 3, installed latest Pie from December. I’ve installed Chrome and ‘Android System WebView’ from the Play Store.

But WebView does not work! What has Khadas done to this version of Android that stops WebView working!? Furthermore, why would you do this?

Can I get a copy of Oreo for VIM 3 or Android 10 or Android 11?

First I can’t set-up a Lockscreen see this post, and now I can’t set-up an app that includes a WebView!

This is getting ridiculous.

ebecaf could you elaborate the issue a bit more ?
is the app crashing or is it not detected, have you given the app the needed permissions in the settings ?

What settings? I can’t change the settings because Khads’ version of Android Pie has locked down all the normal settings! Why has everything been changed?

Can I just install Vanilla Android??

you can manage all individual app settings by long pressing on their icon > app info > app permissions

Can I just install Vanilla Android??

there isn’t anything specifically called “vanilla” android, one way or another all android devices are customized to device they run on, android on smart phones incorporate the features provided by its hardware manufacturer. the situation is similar here as well, the android firmware is provided by amlogic themselves, and it further tweaked by khadas to support whatever functionality is offered by the board

if you can, I would consider looking into trying AOSP firmware, if that is what you require by “vanilla” android

refer to here:

That doesn’t work does it. You can’t give an app permissions to use WebView in the settings, it’s default, that’s not a real solution to the problem. I meant settings like android.permissions.MANAGE_DOCUMENTS and all of those.

Yes I meant the AOSP, and I will look into it.

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