Setup PIN/ screen lock on Android 9

I have a Khadas VIM 3 (Pro), I flashed the latest Android 9 image (211220) but I can’t get into the system settings and I can’t set a PIN.

How do I enable this please?

Thank you

I have tried this:

It does not work. There is no lock screen in Device Prefrences> Screen saver.

Update: I have also tested on VIM3_Pie_V210908 and there is NO lock screen option.
Update 2: I have also tested on V210527 and there is still NO lock screen option!

@jasonl Pls check it.

@ebecaf i have finished the screen lock function,but i will not add the function to VIM3,because this function is not universal,if you want to add the function,you can make the following modifications

3.enter android settings ,select the screen lock power key and power on,you will see the screen lock

Why is it not universal? It is supposed to be on “All VIM 3 firmware”

But instead you expect your customers to use those screenshots and add a (basic) function, that is on every other Android device?

I would have to change these settings every time I reset the device, or setup a new one, it’s not good that this function is missing, with no plan to add it to the general release.

Why won’t you add the functionality to the next release, a lock-screen (PIN) is a security feature that should always be there.

I’ve bought a EDGE-V now, which does have the lockscreen/ PIN function… I won’t be using VIM 3 again.

I will consider adding this feature, but it will take some time