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I am very confused, how do I download ubuntu on to the khadas vim, I mean direct download. I have the 8gb version but no way I can install ubuntu. Also where are the updates for the vim and where is the control bar at the bottom of the screen(home, return, etc. And not everyone has a windows computer so is the vim a scam or what?

I have now realized that your product is a complete scam! Your Khadas Vim sales page states that the vim has android +ubuntu + two other OS but it only has a badly modified android OS. You never answered my questions yesterday obviously you are just another bunch of scammers taking the publics money and giving them a crappy modified android TV box which is worthless. Your product is rubbish as well you know, I can get a better deal for a S905X and much cheaper as well. I have been messing with this vim S905X for over 3 weeks and it has proved to be a piece of crap.
Whatever I do I cannot get the promised ubuntu 16.04 just a lousy, badly modified android 6.0.

Basically, users can download the ROM at Firmware Pages, follow one of the instructions to upgrade manually:

And following instructions for LibreELEC ROM:

It seems that this is first post from you. Did you posted with another account/username? If so, kindly figure it out, and our guys will follow it up.

If you just wanna get your VIM running Ubuntu, you can check this Topic for information.

Any further questions or feedback are welcome.


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I have ordered 5 vim’s and they are pretty much like expected. Of course, there are issues and I was missing e.g. docker support… but I really like the project and the people behind it! They are always reading the posts and try to figure out a solution. Yes, the community is very small (yet) compared to the raspianpi community, but I still think, this product is worth it’s bucks :slight_smile:


Thanks for your support :blush:

Well, I followed the instructions to get ubuntu running on the vim and it did NOT work, the vim seems to be unable to read a memory card. Also I cannot update the awful android version on the vim. Where is the bottom home bar? This thing is NOT ready to be sold, it definitely is a waste of money, it does NOT do what the khadas team claim it can do.
Therefore I would never recommend this gimmick to anyone, I advise people who maybe interest to look elsewhere because the vim is a school project gone wrong.

Can you kindly provide some necessary information to us, so we can help to figure out the problem you met and help to resolve it. Basically, would be better to feedback issues like this:

  • Tell us the ROM version you installed
  • Tell us the hardware date code, i.e. Vim V1.2 1610 4916
  • Describe all the procedures(step-by-step) you did with details
  • Provde neccesarry photos to help us better understand the issue you are facing
  • If you are a developer, post the full printing log
  • Others information you thought would be helpful for us
  • If you are facing many different problems, please create different topics one by one, we will also reply one by one.
  • If your problem has been fixed, please follow the Problem Solved Button to mark it as solved

This feature can be added in next built which is plan to release in the end of month.

I downloaded the ubuntu/mate which took over an hour. I then extracted the contents and sent them on to a memory card. I placed the card in the vim and nothing happened, I could not get the vim to obey the instructions.

I also tried your onboard update which does not work. So how do I get the home bar at the bottom?

Your product is NOT ready to be sold commercially, far too many flaws.

To M,

Yes there are far too many issues and a whole lot of false advertising. Of course the staff are attentive because they are trying to sell this gimmick. The community will always be small and then eventually disappear because this is a failed project and NOT worth any bucks.

Over the past few weeks I have done various benchmark tests on your khadas vim and it is the worst performing S905X I have ever tested. Is it just my vim that has problems or are other people getting the same very bad results?
Khadas vim is not a good product, there are much better and cheaper boards available. This product should have been tested more thoroughly before being put up for sale.
And your advertising is both very misleading and a blatant lie.

Which version ROM did you download? and which instructions did you follow up?

Note that the Ubuntu-Mate is for eMMC installation, not SD Card installation.

I followed the instructions that you gave me leading to a bunch of options without explanation, so I ended up selecting ubuntu/mate because I thought it was not eMMc.I think this vim is going into the trash where it belongs.

  1. I can say absolutely the opposite. I am completely satisfied with the absence of the bottom bar in Android. Therefore, this version of Android (for VIM) I like.
  2. If You do not know how to perform certain steps to configure and run the various systems on VIM (Ubuntu etc), this is no reason for mudslinging of this device. Smart people , in such cases (when something does not work), asking polite questions. You trying to blame Your incompetence on the manufacturer of the device.
  3. Me and the other users work well all systems - Lebreelec Archlinux Gentoo Debian Ubuntu etc Android.
  4. Have VIM has its flaws, but they are not as critical as You are trying to present.

I find fascinating to look through this venomous splashes of wrath among the barren style of technical reading
Keep on feeding this guy and take some popcorn :slight_smile:

I am one of those who have had no issues running Linux from SD card or installed(dual-boot F/W). Both models have 2GB RAM, so Linux should run well on either model.

Khadas has been responsive to user input. Far more responsive than most TV box brands.

This device is young yet. Patience and perseverance will be more fruitful than vitriol.

I understand you are frustrated, but maybe we can help you.

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To balbes 150,
Personally I don’t care whether you are satisfied with the absence of the home bar or not, I like the home bar, I like a proper android 6.0.version.
Yes I am blaming the manufacturer because I believed in their false advertising, I really believed that this box had android, ubuntu, lebelec and rootbuilder Preinstalled, silly, silly me. So I am stupid for believing false advertising. I am not interested in spending hours and days configuring this gadget, not what I want. Read their advertising and it appears to suggest that android, ubuntu etc are Preinstalled.

I have neither the patience or the will to sit here for days on end fiddling around with this device, it is not what I wanted or expected. I feel that I was misled by some sharp advertising and I therefore feel rightfully annoyed.
Call it stupidity, or whatever you like, I don’t care but I am annoyed because I chose the wrong item and therefore lost my money. Not a smart person am I?
I want things that work straight away Not some rubbish that has to be constantly messed around with. So I do blame khadas vim for their misleading advertising.

Would you like a barren technical style reply?

I understand, but every TV box I own is a work in progress. Even the Shield had it’s growing pains.
There is no box available, that I know of, that comes with all of the OSes you list, installed. The Vim is capable of running them all. If they were all installed simultaneously, none would have room to be very functional, even on the 16GB unit.
balbes150’s images are easy to use and add much versatility to TV boxes. I would be happy to help you.

Before one delves into an area for which they are unfamiliar, a little reading will go a long way in avoiding disappointment. Having unrealistic expectations will lead to disappointment.
Looking before leaping is best. It is the buyer’s responsibility to determine a device’s suitability for a given use. That’s true of everything.

I am sorry you feel dissatisfied, but the Vim is, and will be, well considered by many.

I am still willing to help you, should you decide to give it a go.


If you have no patience with this type of devices, then they are probably not for you. You can buy a device from a well known brand, and they would be more polished and have a shiny support team. But be ready to spend $$$.
This is a new board, things are improving. BTW, I bought mine, followed the instructions and reflashed anything I wanted. Yes, the documentation could be a little bit clearer, but it is all there if you bother to read the forums and the tutorials before throwing the toys out of the pram. I even asked how to solve an issue, and was promptly helped on the forum.

Grow up!

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I did not buy this gadget to follow instructions, I purchased it because I thought everything was pre-installed as the advertising suggests. Plug and play. Do you understand? Perhaps English is not your first language?

Yes I can buy numerous boxes with everything pre-installed and in fact many of those boxes are cheaper than the vim board, no headaches, no BS either! But I needed another ubuntu OS that is why I purchased this board but if you can read then you will see that I never got the ubuntu OS.

I asked for help and was simply directed to a page with many options by gouva, nothing was explained to me. See above and open the page I was told to look at. Of course I got it wrong and said so but no advice was given on how to do it right.

As for your parting comment “grow up” I suggest that you learn to read and wise up, boring smartass.