VIMs Ubuntu 18.04 V181030


Will keep updating with mainline kernel.


Please push.


Already pushed to Khadas GitHub.


I’ve now installed latest Balbes150 armbian ubuntu 18.04 image, and i must say it works much faster than your image.

First i thought it was maybe just my imagination, but now i am sure that armbian is at least twice faster on the same sd card.

I did install some software from Ubuntu repositories, and less time was required for it to finish installing with armbian.

I did often have few seconds freezes with your image, with this one i almost don’t have any at all.

I did check swap/zram, it looks like they are in use on both images, but the performance isn’t comparable, i wonder would i notice any difference if it was installed on Emmc?

Sd card is Samsung uhs3, and images are both Ubuntu 18.04 with kernel 4.19.y, could you please check why is this happening?

I am now 100% sure i am not imagining this, Armbian image is much more snappier than Vim image, and i didn’t change anything that could cause sd slowdowns.


Hello Tommy21,

I’m not sure what affect this, but there have some improvement since last release. Can you kindly check this image about this?




Uuuuu, i thought i was done flashing images every few days.

I will flash this one to check the performance, but i do have a question.


It is now possible to upgrade Armbian images without reflashing the images, Balbes150 is uploading required deb packages to upgrade specific Armbian changes, kernel and other stuff required for Armbian to be up to date, so can you also do this?

This would make the whole process a lot easier, it isn’t hard to flash new image, but the whole process of reinstalling the software takes a lot of time, and this would help Vim owners.

I am planning to switch to Ubuntu on Emmc, but i am waiting for the video decoder to start working, glad to see you also noticed this.


Yes, I can provide kernel and board deb packages, you can install them to upgrade,too.


Is it possible for me to build these updated deb packages, without relying on khadas team?

I would do it by myself if someone would explain me how to do it, as i can see most of the work is automated, so i don’t believe this would be a big problem?

I do have a small Ubuntu partition on my hdd, which i’ve made for creating images using fenix script, i would love to learn stuff like this.