Vim4 - Ubuntu Graphic Drivers status

Hi! What’s the current development status of the Ubuntu graphic drivers for the Vim 4 board? Is it able to run 3d games? I’ve seen there are Ubuntu 22.04 images available, have there been some improvements specifically in 3d gaming?

You can use lshw to check what graphics driver is loaded. If your graphics adapter is set as mesondrmfb, then you’re using the mesa/panfrost drivers and have OpenGL acceleration (OpenCL not yet supported afaik). Running glmark-es2-wayland at 1080p resulted in a score of 1505 for me, which is pretty solid.

Yes,gpu on wayland is supported.

No, it not mesa/panfrost, current image use Mali blobs. And OpenCL is supported, check clinfo.

What about GPU on X? I would like to buy this board primarly to use it with Wine / box86 and Wine works only on X

The GPU only works on Wayland.