Vim4 - Ubuntu Graphic Drivers status

Hi! What’s the current development status of the Ubuntu graphic drivers for the Vim 4 board? Is it able to run 3d games? I’ve seen there are Ubuntu 22.04 images available, have there been some improvements specifically in 3d gaming?

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You can use lshw to check what graphics driver is loaded. If your graphics adapter is set as mesondrmfb, then you’re using the mesa/panfrost drivers and have OpenGL acceleration (OpenCL not yet supported afaik). Running glmark-es2-wayland at 1080p resulted in a score of 1505 for me, which is pretty solid.

Yes,gpu on wayland is supported.

No, it not mesa/panfrost, current image use Mali blobs. And OpenCL is supported, check clinfo.

What about GPU on X? I would like to buy this board primarly to use it with Wine / box86 and Wine works only on X

The GPU only works on Wayland.

Is Vulkan supported on Ubuntu?

Hello @Matz3D

On Ubuntu not supported yet.

Does Khadas plan to add support in the near future?

Hello @Matz3D

Yes, we are working on it, but can’t give you a timeline at this moment.

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Please check here: