Initial Vulkan support under Ubuntu 22.04 Wayland desktop

Hello Folks,

We have some positive improgress about Vulkan support under Ubuntu 22.04 Wayland desktop.

If you want to experience Vulkan now, you can follow the steps below to upgrade your kernel & GPU libraries.

Note: You need to based on latest release 1.2-221018, if not you need to upgrade this version or install with OOWOW.

WARNING: As we need to use a new version of kernel to support Vulkan, and it is not release version, so we suggest you to backup your important data before you start.

Upgrade new kernel & GPU libraries

cd /tmp
sudo dpkg -i linux-image-amlogic-5.4_1.2.2_arm64.deb
sudo dpkg -i linux-gpu-mali-wayland_1.1-r37p0-202208_arm64.deb
sudo reboot

Install vukan test program

After reboot, you can install the vulkan test program.

cd /tmp
sudo dpkg -i vulkan-tools_1.3.204.0+dfsg1-1_arm64.deb 

Note: We have rebuilt the vulkan-tools package, please don’t use apt to install this package, no it may not work.

Check vulkan information

You can use command vulkaninfo to get the Vulkan support informations.

$ vulkaninfo

Vulkan Instance Version: 1.3.204

Instance Extensions: count = 11
        VK_EXT_debug_report                    : extension revision 10
        VK_EXT_debug_utils                     : extension revision 2
        VK_EXT_headless_surface                : extension revision 1
        VK_KHR_device_group_creation           : extension revision 1
        VK_KHR_display                         : extension revision 23
        VK_KHR_external_fence_capabilities     : extension revision 1
        VK_KHR_external_memory_capabilities    : extension revision 1
        VK_KHR_external_semaphore_capabilities : extension revision 1
        VK_KHR_get_physical_device_properties2 : extension revision 2
        VK_KHR_surface                         : extension revision 25
        VK_KHR_wayland_surface                 : extension revision 6

Layers: count = 1
VK_LAYER_window_system_integration (Window system integration layer) Vulkan version 1.3.204, layer version 1:
        Layer Extensions: count = 2
                VK_KHR_surface         : extension revision 25
                VK_KHR_wayland_surface : extension revision 6
        Devices: count = 1
                GPU id = 0 (Mali-G52)
                Layer-Device Extensions: count = 1
                        VK_KHR_swapchain : extension revision 70

Device Groups:
Group 0:
                physicalDevices: count = 1
                        Mali-G52 (ID: 0)
                subsetAllocation = 0

        Present Capabilities:
                Mali-G52 (ID: 0):
                        Can present images from the following devices: count = 1
                                Mali-G52 (ID: 0)
                Present modes: count = 1

Run vulkan test program

We have rebuilt the vulkan test program, you can run the test program vkcube-wayland test the vulkan. If everything is ok, you can see the rotating cube as below.