VIM4 HDMI input as camera?

OS: Android
Hello, I’m interested to purchase this board but I’m not sure about the capabilities of the HDMI input. My question is, can this port be used as the internal camera for the device? Let’s say I want to stream a video on a live streaming app that I installed from google playstore. When I start streaming, can the app see the HDMI input as camera? Is HDMI input connected to the MIPI-CSI ? I use usb video capture cards to stream video on other development boards. They don’t have HDMI input port. Some apps see the capture cards as web cam and some don’t work.
Any advise please?
Thanks in advance

@zet34 Currently, the system is not supported. I will inform you here after the support.

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OK thank you. Waiting

@zet34 HDMI_IN_AS_Camera_update.img
This firmware has used hdmi in as a camera device. So you can directly open the camera application or directly use the camera related api.
Try this firmware to see if it can meet your requirements?

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Hello goenjoy
Thank you for the reply. I don’t have a VIM4 board at the moment. I didn’t have much information regarding the supported usage of HDMI input to meet my requirement therefore I was hesitating to buy the board. I could waste the money. I will order the board soon and test this update image. Best Regards