Does HDMI Input work with App in Android OS?


I need to know about HDMI Input. Does it work with APP in android OS like facebook and IG?
Is it possible to use my camcoder as default camera for video shooting and live streaming on VIM4?

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Yes, HDMI IN work in Android. I don’t know how it wors for facebook and IG, but if you have HDMI signal to the HDMI IN slot, it should work, we have an app for HDMI IN.

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Thank you for the answer.

That mean if I can find some ways to make android see HDMI input as default camera. All APP could work with it.

I haven’t been able to confirm using it as an input source in an app, but I am currently looking at a fresh Android install connected to a Chuwi LarkBox and its showing the 1080p@30 just fine…Even passing audio! Just opened Setting > KHADAS Settings > HDMI IN and it showed in seconds. Keyboard/Mouse is fast enough too, no noticeable lag.

I’ll try messing with some apps that accept input sources, but my current focus isn’t on that so might be another day or two before I can confirm that.

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Thanks for the answer. My Idea is to use it as outdoor live streaming device that very small and portable. If I can use it with native live streaming app. This could useful to many outdoor streamers.

I’m thinking about buying the VIM4 to try it myself too.

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My goal is to do something similar. I currently have a setup using some pi4s, but I am hoping this is easier / better.

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Hope so. I tried it with Odroid XU4 before but it isn’t powerful enough compare to VIM4.

Where can we find the source code for the android app to use it and make tweaks to it for our usage? If not accessible will you be able to send a link to download the source code?
We are looking for HDMI RX manager to access video/audio processing. We use OpenGL for streaming video.

Were you able to try this where camera connected to HDMI In Cam shows up as default camera in other apps?

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Hello, I also asked the same question. Topic link is below;

Has anybody having a VIM4 board tested it out? Please just conect an hdmi source to the HDMI input of the VIM4 and find the Default Camera app in android apps or try to go live on istagram / facebook / youtube / twitch / tiktok etc…
Thanks in advance

@Espazs @Ven_Ira @gammagoat @zet34 @wiscovitch Please refer to this link.

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