VIM4 Dolby support


I am using the latest android images on VIM4 from OOWOW and trying to play dolby audio based mp4 file. However from the logs i found that VIM4 audio hal is not loading dolby ms12 library.

On further debugging it seems that the utility fails decrypt dolbyms12 library.

VIM4:/ # cat /vendor/etc/init/dolby_fw_dolbyms12.rc
VIM4:/ # /vendor/bin/dolby_fw_dolbyms12 /odm/etc/ms12/ /odm/lib/ms12/
sig_addr: 0xeac40030
src_addr: eac40030
sig error value: 132
so signature check fail!

Can you please provide how to resolve this and play a dolby decoded audio on VIM4.


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@Krupal Can you send me your audio files?

@goenjoy I am using the sample dolby audio files from this link.

@Krupal Our CPU chip version does not support dolby.

@goenjoy Thanks for the checking it out. Can you please help me know how to check which CPU/SoC supports dolby?

A311D2 reference manual mentions that it has Dolby support (optional).

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Yes, the SoC shipped on VIM4 doesn’t support Dolby.

We need a special lic code from Amlogic placed into OTP for DSP activation. Am I correct?

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If this addressed to me, then I use linux from scratch with RT core. I will never use DSP for HiFi, but possibly want to use it for realtime audio communication noise canceling / trill enhancement if this possible.