VIM4 Change ubuntu config file

Which version of system do you use? Khadas official images, self built images, or others?

Ubuntu 22.04 emmc

Please describe your issue below:

`I am using Khadas Vim4, ubuntu 22.04. I need to customize Ubuntu for myself. For example, I want to have my own logo on the splash screen, I want the screen to open as a mirror by default, I want the bottom bar to be eliminated. I need to do these in Ubuntu’s configuration files. That’s why I need to do these once and adapt the operating system to myself. I couldn’t find the source and some of the information in the Khadas documentation is outdated. How can I access the config files? How can I find the file related to the change I will make? If anyone has any advice…

It is the stand Ubuntu system, you cao follow the steps you do on your PC.

Here is a quick search guidence for you.

I need to make changes to the config file. I can use the screen in mirror mode on my computer on Ubuntu22.04. However, when I press the mirror option in the settings window in Khadas VIM4, it does not take any action and closes the settings window. For this, when I use the

 $ xrandr --output <projector> --same-as <desktop>

command, which has the same meaning as the settings I just mentioned, there is no change.

I managed to change the logo on the boot screen,
I replaced the logo.bmp and logo.png files in


with the logo images I wanted and rebooted. Now the image I choose appears on the boot screen.

Other than that, I don’t want to make the changes I want to present something visual on my personal computer. I want to turn off the bottom bar, Bluetooth, and the use of the ctrl+alt+T keys on the keyboard on my Khadas (I want to turn off the functions of some keys on the keyboard). For this, I need to make changes to the config files and save the image of the final version. For example, in which config file will I find the changes I will make for the mirror setting I want to make on the display? Or in which config file can I find the keyboard related settings? I can’t find any information about these on the internet or forum.

xrandr not suitable for VIM4, it uses Gnome with mutter as the wayland compositor. you will not be able use X11 tools. try to operate using gnome-randr its a seperate tool.

You can modify this from gnome-extension-manager application

you can modify this within settings, keyboard shortcuts.

It’s not possible to directly modify the config files, it’s handled by gsettings and is a binary file, not a text file.

If you want to create it as image, you can try on a default release image which we provide, after this you can note the commands you use and with khadas/fenix you can build your own image.

Just add the commands you used for customization inside this file

And make sure your environment variable FORCE_CREATE_ROOTFS_CACHE=yes is set before build your custom image.

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Thanks to your help, I solved most things.
I cannot set the screen to mirror. I installed gnome-randr as you said. However, as far as I see in the github repo, there has been no development regarding mirror. If you have different information, what command should I use to project the same image on both screens connected to Khadas VIM4?

You can set screen mirroring functionality with the premise of settings app > displays.

The Mirror feature appears in the Display section of Settings, but when I click on the mirror, the settings close and there is no change on the screen.

What you mean about mirror? Do you mean Orientation setting or others ?

When I connect a PC monitor and a ts050 to Khadas, I want the same image to be provided on both. This is what I refer to as a mirror.

Hello @ozgedurgut

We reproduced this issue on our side, we will check this issue.

Hello @numbqq,

In this link, there is a possibility of adding dual feature while there is no dual feature in Vim3. Can I add the mirror feature to the system by making any changes in the location(/usr/local/bin/ you mentioned here ?
You have activated this feature in Vim4. Where do you activate the Join Display feature in Settings > Display > Display Mode? Can I add a mirror feature by making changes to this file?

VIM3 5.15 kernel will support MIPI+HDMI dual screen.

Ok, but I’m interested in vim4. If you have an answer about that part, I would like to know. Where do you activate the Join Display feature in Settings > Display > Display Mode? Can I add a mirror feature by making changes to this file?

Dual screen will enable it automically.

Yes, I know. I’m asking something else. I’m looking for a way to use the “mirror” feature in Vim4.

We have reproduced this issue on our side, we will check this issue.

Hi @numbqq ,
We need this feature urgently. Do you have a timeframe for progress? Thanks

Hello @ozgedurgut

Still work in progress, there is no timeline yet.

Hello @numbqq
I have to ask, is there any progress?

Hello @ozgedurgut

Still work in progress.