VIM4 Change ubuntu config file

Hi @numbqq
Is there any change in the situation?

Hello @ozgedurgut

Still not yet.

Hello @numbqq,
Is there any development regarding the mirror feature?

Hello again @numbqq , it’s been a long time. Any progress ? I really need this improvement. If you have any suggestions please let me know. If there is any screen mirroring application that will work in khadas vim4, it will work for me right now.

Hello there @numbqq @ozgedurgut

I have the same problem, display mirroring does not work in Wayland, so xrandr commands are not used.

xrandr --output <projector> --same-as <desktop>

There is not enough documentation and resources about this, I would appreciate a quick response

Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS

Hello @metehandal @ozgedurgut

MIPI + HDMI dual display only support join mode, mirror mode is not supported.


Can I do display mirroring without internet via local port with additional applications ?
ex: nomachine

I tried nomachine before, it did mirroring, but when I rebooted, the interface did not come up. Then I had to reinstall the operating system

Hello @metehandal

Does VNC works for you ?

Hello @numbqq ,
Yes, I used VNC, I set up tigervnc on my local on port 5905.
I made the connection with Remmina (vnc viewer) . but the screen did not come up

Hello @metehandal

Please check this one: Real VNC server doesn't work on Vim3 with Ubuntu 22.04 - #4 by