VIM4 Case Options?

I was speaking with a guy who’s living near my home but he’s asking me which one should I choose for my nano board please mate? It’s looks there’s 2 nor 3 plans for the case and he doesn’t know which one he should print sadly… :-/
Sorry for my bad English btw. I ain’t English native so i apologize… I’m from France lol!
Thanks anyways for your great work, keep it up! I’m gonna send ya a tip when i’ll be able to get my handz on a suitable case. Hopefully soon… =)

The case consist of 2 parts, the body and the lid.
Both parts are to be printed.

To assemble it, place the nano board inside the body, and place the lid on top. Secure the lid with m2 threaded screws.


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is there a case available yet that will fit the vim4 + active cooler + new m2x expansion board?

No one has really designed such a case as to my knowledge, I have had a design from earlier when experimenting, but I think it could really be refined, its from a very old model.

perhaps I can try something new :wink:

@Shazam1990 you can check out this new model:

Thank you for this. It’s looks like it might do the trick for what i need, however it doesn’t mention if it has sufficient space for the active cooler

Yes, it does support the Active cooler.

oh did you make this? if yes then thank you. is there an optional top/lid for if you want to add the TS505 touch screen?

Yes I designed it.

That is still in progress, it requires modification for the device body completely, I will release it later.


i much appreciate this…would you if possible also add to the bottom/floor of the case room for the metal plate? so it can weigh it down so it will not be pulled around by all cables connected to it. or at least provide it as an option.

Are you referring to this one ?

yes. this is what i have. would be great to be able to use this on your case in the same way as you would with the DIY case

Okay, you can check the models listed.


can the metal plate be recessed in to the bottom base of the case like it is on the DIY case and include holes for screws to secure it

I need to check that later

here are some images of a Vim4 case that supports the active cooler & the M2X expansion board.(shown below)

i can’t upload the .stl files to this thread, so if you would like them i invite you private message me

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