VIM4 Case Options?

Which system do you use? Android, Ubuntu, OOWOW or others?


Which version of system do you use? Khadas official images, self built images, or others?


Please describe your issue below:

Looking for info on official (Or unofficial) case options for the VIM4.

I don’t have 3D printing options, so needs to be something I can purchase (Assembly required is fine).

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The same over here. I remember that an official VIM4 case had been announced but that’s already a long time ago. So any suggestion is welcome.

I modded a Vim 3 case. I took off the walls and added stand offs.
I’ve been meaning to make some new walls, but haven’t gotten around to it.

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I have made a 3d printable model earlier, feel free to try it out


I’m looking at exactly this, to accommodate the PCIe M2x adaptor.
What standoffs did you use?

— Jeremiah

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I picked up an assortment of standoffs. The ones that worked are M2.
I had to double 10mm standoffs to get the inside height I wanted,
for the PCIe adapter, ssd drive and heat sink. I also have a 24v 40x20 (?) fan wired to USB to blow into the “case”.


Hi does this 3D case model accommodate the new M2X PCIe expansion board in addition to / attached to the main VIM4 board?

This version wasn’t designed for the m2x extension unfortunately.

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The VIM3 DIY case would work perfectly other than blocking the HDMI in, which would be a simple fix, the only problem is that the heatsink is threaded and they didn’t include the right length screws that you apparently get with the VIM3 to allow it to be actually screwed into the case.

I’m pretty baffled and disappointed by this choice…

I got a VIM3 case and tried to fit my VIM4 with active heating in it without sucess.

Even after removing the parts that hold the ‘sides’ to the base it wouldn’t fit. Also, there is nowhere to put the antennae.

I was hoping there would have been a case available for my unit by now. Those antennae are pretty vulnerable while it is just sitting there unprotected. And when they actually get round make a case, will we still have the NVME drive sticking out of the side with nothing to protect it?

I don’t understand what you mean by “parts that hold the ‘sides’ to the base”, but assuming you’re talking about the DIY case, it should - did you take out the screws for the heatsink? Those stop it from fitting since the screws protrude from the bottom, and with the right length screws it would be possible to screw the unit down properly to the case…

The BT antenna seems to be a bit of a tight fit, but both the antennas fit in exactly the same place as for the VIM3

Yes, the DIY case. on the one I got there were screws through the base into brass inserts moulded in the middle piece (what other people seem to call the sides) that are in line with the screws for the heatsink.

I drilled out the brass inserts so that I could fit longer screws but the VIM4 wouldn’t sit flat in the bottom of the case, so the sockets didn’t line up with the holes.

I’ve never had a VIM3 so I don’t know what you are supposed to do with the antennae.

I faffed about with it for several days trying different things including dispensing with the middle section and using spacers on the screws to hold the top and bottom apart but gave up and decided to wait for the proper case to come along.

Any news on a case for vim4.


sadly not. i have been in contact with Khadas a few times now, but they refuse to say if they are, or are not making a case for the vim4. due to this i have taken things in to my own hands somewhat. My use case is the vim4 with the new m2x breakout board. i am currently having the device scanned and a case printed for this setup. if of any use i may share the CAD files once its out of prototyping in few weeks time


A reply about case. Hi Martin, thanks for your support to Khadas! VIM4 Case probably will be released at the end of 2022. Once it’s available we will let you known.

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Got one on the way…Looks really nice! Thanx for the tip

That looks amazing.

I wish it had a cutout at the bottom for SSDs with heatsinks.

I’m running mine with a Sabrent SSD and heatsink, which is about 0.9 inches thick.

im in the same boat as you almost. i have the new m2x breakout board. if it supported that i would be all over it and buy one.

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i have just found this case for the Vim4, even has the option to have a stand and a screen. this may be of use to some so going to put it here.