VIM4 as mobile phone in Buid.prop

Hello goenjoy, how are you doing?
I need your advice. I didn’t want to create a public post because it may not be legal. When I open tiktok stream on vim4, the stream is not discoverable. Nobody visits my channel. Only people who follow me can be notified. But when I open stream on iphone using the same tiktok account, many people come. I guess, tikttok is filtering devices by product brand snc model. Can you create a custom image with build.prop having device brand i.e Samsung, model with a Samsung product model etc and let me test it? If this may not work, what would be your suggestion? Best Regards / Ziya

@zet34 Sorry, I usually don’t check private messages. By chance. You can modify the information below in the vendor/build.prop file. As for how to modify it, the following link describes it.