VIM4/4N/3/3L/1S Ubuntu 22.04 Linux 5.15 V1.6-231229 Release

Here we release the new version of Ubuntu 22.04 V1.6-231229 for VIM4/4N/3/3L/1S.

Change logs:

  • VIM4/4N

  • VIM1S

    • Same features as 5.4 kernel
    • Known Issues:
      • No VESA HDMI resolution support (WiP)
  • VIM3/3L

    • Same features as 4.9 kernel
    • New features from 4.9 kernel
      • Hardware accelected Wayland desktop, including Vulkan support
      $ sudo apt update
      $ sudo apt install vulkan-tools
      $ wget
      $ sudo dpkg -i vulkan-tools_1.3.204.0+dfsg1-1_arm64.deb 
      $ vkcube-wayland
    • Known Issues:
      • No VESA HDMI resolution support (WiP)
      • PCIe not working - Fixed in 1.6.3-240112 version
      • VIM3 MIPI screen quality need to improve (WiP)
      • No AF for IMX415 MIPI camera (WiP)
      • Dual display mirror mode doesn’t work

Installation Guide

Install via OOWOW

You can use OOWOW to install the images online.

Install via USB Tool

You can also choose to install the images with USB Tool.

By the way

Ths images are built using Fenix scripts, you can use it to build your own image!

Have fun!

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