Trouble upgrading VIM4 official image from 5.4 to 5.15

VIM4 (no-NPU)
Ubuntu 22.04
Khadas official image 5.4.180

I attempted to upgrade the kernel to 5.15 while avoiding re-installation by using:

Upon reboot, I can no longer communicate with the Ubuntu installation over ssh. (ssh to OOWOW does work).

How might I go about repairing/recovering the Ubuntu installation?

PS: I see that the 5.15 announcement does not have instructions for an upgrade from previous release (unlike e.g. the 5.4 announcement). Does that imply that a full re-install is required to update to 5.15?

Hello @LJankins

The 5.15 is not updatable from the 5.4 kernel image, you need to back up your data and reflash the image to update to the new kernel image.

In your scenario, you may have most likely corrupted your image, as over writing the original image will simply not work due to changes.


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Thank you for the response.

At this stage, how can I recover data from my device? Specifically, I need to copy the contents of /opt and ~.

It depends, how far along does it go before having an issue. Do you have a ttl to usb adapter? Even though the gui might not be working the kernel might have booted.

Or boot from SD card and mount the emmc, make sure you are not installing an image, just booting it from SD.

You can mount the device from oowow and retrieve it you are comfortable with Linux commands. It should be /dev/mmcblk0p1

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