VIM3L - Opening Up New Possibilities for DIY-HTPC Enthusiasts

Hello Everyone!

Khadas will be launching a lite-version of the VIM3, that we’ve aptly named the VIM3L! It is going to be affordably priced for the mass market, and targeted at the HTPC crowd. VIM3L will have a power consumption that’s slightly less than the VIM3, whilst still providing superior VPU and GPU decoding and performance; more test results, and the price, to be released later.


  • Amlogic S905D3 SoC
  • HDMI eARC Audio
  • 1.2 TOPS NPU
  • 16GB Samsung eMMC
  • Powerful GPU and VPU

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You Jun from Khadas Team


I like the boards for HTPC, but I think you guys should be able to sell a whole package at some kind of discount, adding everything together ends up being quite expensive to me but if you guys could do a whole package thing that includes the board, case, power adapter, USB cable, everything really needed for the board to be used as an HTPC that would be great, you guys don’t even have to put them together but all would come in same package.

I think this would be great, just select a whole kit and done.


Yes, it’s planed!

Thanks for the feedback!


Since this board doesn’t look like it will have the support for POE, I think the board should be longer to support the nvme storage device by default. other thought would be to add recalbox or retro pie support to the mix, more so recalbox as it has kodi though

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I see there is usb on the pin headers, I assume it’s 2x usb2?
Also thanks for I2S on the header pins.
I don’t see anything about usb3, so only usb2?

Hi, i see there is an Android TV image on the TV shown. Would this board have a port of Android TV or would it be supported officially ?

That is most people really needed! A whole pack of the machine.

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Is there any possibility of enabling Dolby vision on VIM3 and VIM3L?

We don’t have a plan to support Dolby vision on VIM3, but still possible for VIM3L.

@tsangyoujun will build a poll here to ensure the higher retail price of this feature comes accessible for our backers.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Yes, it’s USB 2.0 on the 40P GPIO header.

So, as for HW layer VIM3 can not make it or just about the licensing fee.

Yes, because the license, and actually, the SoC with different license will be different SKU, for example:

  • S905D3-K0N/J0N/B0N/D0N/H0N
  • K0N: DTS + Dolby Vision
  • N0N: 1.2T NPU, no Dolby, no DTS

Good day!

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** K0N: DTS + Dolby Vision*
I think this^ is the SoC that makes sense on a HTPC enthusiast oriented board. I would definitely pay a few extra $ for Dolby Vision support.


when this board will be available in shop??

Cool, a good replacement for my VIM1 who burned a few weeks ago :stuck_out_tongue:
I hope it’ll have a good support

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For the “HTPC Kit”, we’re considering of including the following items:

  • VIM3L
  • Transparent DIY Case
  • Metal Plate (for DIY Case)
  • New VIM Heatsink
  • IR Remote

Probably most people have their own USB-C / USB-Adapters already, so it wouldn’t be too necessary to add those in, don’t ya think?

I agree. I also think that the metal plate is unnecessary too.

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I thought the same until I used it to compile Kernel. It got hot on the back side.
Then I saw the DIY Case video that showed the use of metal plate is to be used with the heat passing pad to pass it on to the metal plate.

So now I plan to order that heatpad LINK

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I’d like to see some thermal tests of VIM3L. S905D3 is supposedly use less power than A311D, so hopefully a heatsink would be enough.

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