VIM3L+Khadas TB Music Playear Build

not vim, but in the Android system on vim with a smartphone :grin:

OK it is genaral for Android, but how to find out such APK?

do you have a PC ? you can use scrcpy for the initialization …

I know, If you can make Spotify startup by when powering on, you could make it to play music from your phone while on the same network…

For example this

you still need to have a screen to set up AirScreen…

Yes, it will be a smartphone

Buddy, there is one person who put a dislike under a YouTube video :thinking:

no no, you need a physical HDMI screen/ Monitor/ TV connected to the VIM3L to set it up…

bah, there will be likers, there will be haters, just spread knowledge and love, and be kind to everyone :slight_smile:

Atleast they watched the video and reacted to it accordingly to their taste, that is enough for me…

I think he will set it up as usual, and in the future he will use it from a smartphone

I saw this aplication. Excuse me for the stupit questions, but I’m new in this matters.
I have to load AirScreen on VIM and the music will be received by my phone and mirrored on it, which means that the smartphone streams all the time. Or in oposite, AirScreen have to be loaded on the smartphone and installed on the VIM (Spotify for example) will be mirrored on the phone’s screen, if so can I use the phone’s screen for selection of a song for example?

Yes, you will have a full Android vim3L desktop on your smartphone

And full control by my smartphone?

yes, that’s right, you want it ?!

It sound much better than Set with raspberry. Today I learned much, and new questions apear.
If I stream from youtube by VIM, can I simultaniously watch video through HDMI output of the VIM and listen the sound through the tone board and RCA output.

Of course, you will have it all in one scheme, once in the device settings select Tone Board and that’s it

yes, this is correct

Hi Bozhidar, welcome to the forum. I recently bought a VIM3L to go with my Tone Board as a music player in my car. Before this I used the TB with a VIM3 for this purpose. I tried Volumio as a player but after trying the HiBy music player I use it exclusively.
Highly recommended.

New question, is it necessary to use a heatsinc for VIM and TB

Thank you Donanon,
I’ve tested on my mobile it works.

you can and should use a radiator