VIM3L+Khadas TB Music Playear Build

Hello Sirs,
I would like to configure audio player based on VIM3L SBC and Khadas tone board, but I’m not enoug familiar with integration of such eguipment, because I’m mechanical engineer. Here are my questions:
1.Direct attached DAC onto SBC via 40 pin conector for power suply of the DAC and data transfer via I2S is this OK?
2.To use the set for music player is it available some other software developed by your company, instead of Volumio for example?
3.What does it mean Android preinstalled, is it necessary at every switch on to reboot software from a SD card.
4.How to use the remote control that you provide, is it dependant of the instaled software or it operates with the VIM3L genarally.
FINALY I would to provide me a list all needed components to be able to order them. Together with suitable softawe with simple instruction how to mount and activate the system for listening to internet radios and to play music from USB storage.
Best regards.


Hello and welcome! Yes, everything is exactly as you described, there is nothing complicated about the vim3L + TB connection, you can use any software, in the sound settings you need to specify the device (ToneBoard).
Good luck!

Thanks Vladimir, but would you please answer me for the preinstalled android, what is it purpose? Does it IR remote control indpendant from the installed software. Do Khadas provide music player software self designed?
Best regards.

Toneboard is just a I2S and USB dac, any music player can use it, you just need to assign the audio output to the preferred device…

Hello, Not Khadas’ own, but Volumio is available.

The preinstalled Android comes from the Amlogic factory, then Android is processed by Khadas itself, all other operating systems that Khadas offer you can install additionally, or if you write your own software (use your own software), then the choice is completely yours. As for the remote control, then I personally use a radio-controlled (with a gyroscope) remote control that is more suitable for ATV versions, but it has more features than the stock remote control.

I shall digress, but “Android” is not from “Amlogic factory”, and it is not “processed by khadas”,

Amlogic does not provide raw images, the SDK or Software develpment kit is given by them, with which the developer/ khadas/ or even you can develop android for the system…

It is important to me that you know that :slightly_smiling_face:

I gave general information, if you have other information, please provide us with more details

Is it possible to listen to internet radio (for example TunIn) only by installed Android, such this could be done by smartphone? Or additional softare like Volumio, Rune, Moode … is needed?

Volumio- is a standalone OS

Yes, you can install on Android and listen

Please Vladimir, would you help me simply with the answe of my previous question:

“Is it possible to listen to internet radio (for example TunIn) only by installed Android, such this could be done by smartphone? Or additional softare like Volumio, Rune, Moode … is needed?”

I know Volumio, I did test with Raspberry PI and Volumio. But I would like to use Khadas hardware and if possible not Volumio.

Pay attention above, I gave you the answer there!

Yes, I already saw.

on vim3L put the apk you need and go with the song!

Volumio is a ROM specifically made for listening music and audio playback, it is not necessary to use it, you can use android too… but @Vladimir.v.v has given you the answer,

just install the radio app you want to use for listening music just like you would do with your smartphone… :slight_smile:

note: there is also an onboard standard android media player you can use for Video and audio playback…

you can also use spotify or a similar streamer if you like…

(Of course all of this is on Android)

Yes, absolutely any APK for android with its own architecture, at the moment it is 32bit

OK lets summurise, I can order VIM3L and tone board plus some power supply and can start listenning to music with preinstalled android, only using some aplications like TunIn, Spotify etc by google play.
Next question: as the system SBC+TB are conected by RCA connectors to the amplifier, can I use a smartphone for remote control, without specific display and keyboard

Yes, there are special applications for working with a smartphone

How to understand which aplication can work with smartphone control of VIM computer?