VIM3L khadas GPIO and MIPI camera query

I have started working on VIM3L.
For our requirements we are planning to make custom carrier board over 40 pin gpio header.
My queries are as per below,

  1. Are all the 40 PIN in header accessible ? Are they occupied somewhere ?
    I tried to access but i was able to access 3 gpios only from 40 PIN headers.
    I tried this link.

  2. Which are the MIPI cameras supported/tested with vim3l khadas ?
    Any list of part numbers ?

Any help would be appriciable.


@rutvij.trivedi Most of the pins are multiplexed. If you want to use it as normal IO, you need to turn off the related DTS configuration

Hi @Frank,
Thank you for the quick reply,

  1. If I turn off from DTS will I lose any onboard functionality ?
    If Pins are currently being used by some other onboard peripheral and if I turn them off to use them from 40 pin headers , I may lose onboard functionality I believe, please correct me .

  2. OS08A10 is the only MIPI camera that will work ? Any other 2 lane MIPI camera will work ?
    I believe if I add kernel drivers for other cameras, it should work ?! please correct me.

Please correct me on my assumptions if they are misleading.


@rutvij.trivedi Yes. You can follow our docs to use overlay.

If you can add drivers to kernel , you can use other cameras

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Hi @Frank,
Apologizing for asking noob questions,

  1. Can these 40 pins be configured in GPIO apart from alternate functionality ?
  2. Any other camera sensor tested with same SBC?



Not all pins are ok

The official only supports this, pinch you can try other cameras, and the driver can be transplanted.

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Hi @Frank,

Apologizing for reopening this.

I have been through the specs of OS08A10 sensor, in this in compatibility list it has been mentioned that it is not compatible with VIM3l but with VIM3.

is my understanding correct ?

So can you suggest any other directly compatible sensor module for VIM3L ?

Appreciate your guidance.

Rutvij Trivedi

@rutvij.trivedi VIM3L has no ISP module

Hi @Frank ,

Thanks for reverting, I am aware that it does not have ISP, in the same thread we discussed on that.
What I can not get is, which sensor is tested with VIM3L ?

Initially, we discussed on this thread about OS08A10 but this is not compatible with vim3L(from the specs).

So which sensor I should try first ?
Any 3rd party ? Any khadas supplied ? Any link ?

Can 0v5640 or arducam in 2-lane tested ?

Appreciate your suggestion.



  1. There is no ISP module inside the S905D3 chip.
  2. We have not tested any ISP camera on VIM3L
  3. If you need to test on VIM3L, you need to use a camera with its own ISP.

@Frank , Well from OV5640 datasheet it seems to have ISP and configurable lanes.

And from the source I could see OV5640 driver availability,


May we can try this.


Hi @Frank
May I expect your expert opinion on the above ?

PS - Happy New year in advance.


@rutvij.trivedi Sorry, I don’t have this camera for testing. From your pictures, it seems feasible, but you need to debug it yourself.I’m not sure it will work.

Ps: Happy new year too :smiley: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@Frank , Thanks , Certainly I have to do it .
I will post updates regarding that.

@Frank ,

Are there any plans to provide support of CSI on mainline?
Is it under WIP? or any plans?

Appreciate your pointers.

Hi @Frank and @numbqq,

Can you please provide a link to the source code/patch which has OS08A10 functioning on either of any vim hardware (Amlogic)?

Appreciate your help.


Hi @Frank,
Thanks for the replay however to utilize this source I believe I will need DTS too.
Can you help with that too?



Great Thanks @Frank, I will try this out.