VIM3L Android Pie V201113 ROM Release

Here release VIM3L Android Pie ROM

Check Firmware Page to download the ROM.

ROM Infos:

  • ROM version: VIM3L_Pie_V201113
  • MD5SUM: 53d43541157aded6c29d6fe331b078d0
  • The ROM is for EMMC installation only

Change Log

  • fix bluetooth mic issue
  • fix AP6398S WI-FI module issue
  • fix the issue of playing youtube video on the MIPI LCD
  • update amlogic sdk source code from p-amlogic-openlinux-20200509-ott-aosp.xml to p-amlogic-openlinux-20200831-ds-ott.xml

Upgrade guidance:


Something is off, I cannot see this firmware on the page at this time…

Eager to give it a go!!!


Have a look here, select device/Android. I have found this section to have all. Usually the best place to look for stuff from what I can tell.


I’m excited about the announcement of the new firmware.
But I can’t boot up with the new firmware.
My VIM3 is showing the boot animation forever.

Please let me know if you know the cause.

Hello! did you flash via sd or usb? better if it is a usb wire, try to repeat and pay attention to the power supply

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Thank you for reply.
I did flash via sd card.
I’ll give it a try.