VIM3:: Unable to toggle Notification access settings

Just got my vim3 board 90% of what i need to work is working. I have having some issues with a few apps that need throw this error “Unable to toggle Notification access settings” From my understanding is that this uses android go… Is there a full version of android for this? What are my best options?

welcome @llamatude,

VIM3 currently runs full fledged android, just a few difference from other mobile OEM’s software,

it seems your app doesn’t have the permissions to send notifications (as seen from: “Unable to toggle Notification access settings”)
just enable app permissions, and it should work…

if you need an example of changing app permissions on the VIM3, you can look at this example video here:

instead of the filebrowser app, you can select the app you have the problem with…

stay safe && have fun!

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this app does not let me change the same settings i have on my phone. I see someone else had the same issue and this is what we where told. Is there any plans to get android 11 on then vim3? I am using this for a in car pc and would really love android auto over the current app i am trying to use.

Per somone on the khadas board
“The Vim3L is a Android GO style build and that is why it does not have support for the notification access”

I do not recall such an thing being, said, if you have the person’s name, please tag it. and regarding android 11 AOSP builds, you will have to wait for a short while, hopefully by january of next year, it will be released.


It was talked about in this thread:

have you updated your device firmware yet ?

Instructions for updating:

latest firmware image:

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yep upgraded to latest

if it still isn’t working, you’d better wait for the AOSP build release, or ask @Terry

ill wait for aosp no biggie right now.