VIM3L 5.7 kernel from Fenix repo

Is the subj kernel ready to use or is it a intermediate test version? I mean this package:

@vkozloff I believe you can use that Kernel, it was released for VIMs a while ago.

@Electr1 I am asking because I already tried to install it via apt-get install linux-image-amlogic-mainline, on Ubuntu installed on emmc, after that device won’t boot and no any messages on HDMI display. I suppose it could be related to U-BOOT and there is some incompatibilities, then I have to upgrade u-boot somehow?

yes, you might need to use uboot-2020-mainline


@Electr1 after updating to uboot-2020-mainline, it asked for reboot, and says “no partition table” after reboot.

Uh, no partition table? where does this show that, in the boot log? @vkozloff please show me the full log, so I can understand what would have happened

Similar result when I just update U-BOOT to the new version from Ubuntu 4.9 installed on emmc, and when I perform emmc-install from SD booted Ubuntu 5.7 with new U-Boot. I erase EMMC via Khadas each time, and also I can successfuly flash old Bionic with old U-BOOT via Kresque, so device itself looks okay.

I would just get a fresh image and install it, if you do not really want to get into a lot of hassle
just try a new eMMC installation, make sure to the right image, as you said in another post regarding DDR error, which only indicates the installation of wrong image.

The eMMC image is for 4.9 kernel, you can’t upgrade 4.9 to mainline kernel on the eMMC image, it won’t boot. You can use the released SD image with mainline kernel and write the image to eMMC.

Check here:


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please post a new topic explaining the steps, it would be very useful :slight_smile: