VIM3 & Virtual machine

Hi all, I was just wondering is there a way to get the VIM3 board to work with a ubuntu Virtual machine, as I run OSX on my host which i believe isn’t supported however i have a Ubuntu VM that i use to develop with, I have tried to put the device in upgrade mode and use ./update chipinfo to see if anything can be found but no luck,

Yes I’ve got a Ubuntu Virtual Machine working with upgrading a Tone Board; I believe all you need to do is to connect the VIM3 to the Ubuntu Virtual Machine using a USB passthrough (Menu > Devices > USB > VIM3 Device).

Regarding upgrade mode (how to use it, etc), maybe @numbqq can provide some assistance.

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@Rezkon I presume you maybe using vbox, have you added the extra additions package to enable USB passthrough ?

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I am using VMware fusion, I connect via USB-C to my MacBook and it appeared, I believe this is because i flashed over a .img that allowed the device to load some drivers, I am quite new to VIM and embedded devices, is it possible to add back an issue that was in the android kernel at drivers/android/binder.c for security research and developement?

I don’t have a mac or VMware, so I’m not sure about how the external device passthrough is enabled, maybe someone else in the community with a Mac might help out :slightly_smiling_face:

I can adb to the device now so this appears to be fine for me atm, One question is I have is can I build a modified version of the Android kernel (4.19) and only upgrade that so i dont have to spend hours waiting for the whole android system to compile? I would like to add in a previously removed vulnerability and test some debugging stuff :).

If you still experience strange connection issues, some users have found that attaching a USB-C hub to your Mac that also has USB-A ports solves the problem.

Macbook > USB-C > USB-HUB > USB-A > VIM3

I should be able to use a USB-C to macbook then a Serial TO TTYL or a buspirate to debug via UART Correct?