Unable to toggle Notification access settings: Vim3L

What OS does this occur on:
When running the latest ROM revision VIM3L_Pie_V200918

How to replicate:
Click Settings
Click More settings
Click Apps
Click Special App Permissions
Click Notification Access
Toggle Launcher3 to have access

Expected Behavior:
Setting is saved successfully

Experienced Behavior:
Setting goes back to off immediately upon re entering the menu to validate that the setting was saved properly

This does not happen on CleanRom but cleanROM is lacking the HDMI resolution needed to run the display I am working with

it appears the VIM3L_Pie_V200918 build has more HDMI resolutions I can choose from

The Vim3L is a Android GO style build and that is why it does not have support for the notification access

are the resolution patches done in your device branch or are they maintained elsewhere?