VIM3 Ubuntu Focal eMMC apt update bricks

please note the latest discussion of the problem here:

Thank you very much!

I just reflashed focal fossa to emmc today and ran apt upgrade. Everything working okay. I am guessing something was added to the VIM repo since my original issue. The best I can tell the repo isn’t updated real time with Ubuntu updates. I may have just been attempting in the window of lag.

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Is this with the same 20200530 image ?


Ok, see how well it goes, and report back to us if there are any problems…

By the way, can you check if you can use TF cards without the HDMI connected on that version of firmware ?, We are trying to get debugging info from users of that image…

Very annoying, but I think someone else already reported that UFW doesn’t work.

if there is already such information, including from you

yes, it seems to be a serious issue, do not worry however, The khadas team has already understood the problem, they will fix and solve it for us… :slight_smile:

Yes I understand that part, I am just trying to make sure everyone is on the same page here…

yes, help us all please solve this problem :neutral_face::wink:

I am on it buddy, If there anything I can do for the community, I will definitely try to do it…

You position yourself as an all-knowing, number one on the forum, with you the demand is higher

There is nothing like that, I am just trying to dedicate my free time to help others, I still have a lot to learn,
I too am just a simple person like any other forum member, do not mistake me for my doings…

There are two contradictions in one sentence, you say that you want to help and then you say that you yourself need to learn a lot

Only the heavens are capable of knowing everything about man and society…
Helping someone is not related to having complete knowledge, it is related to having good heart and having willingness to do something for others…

I believe I have become philosophical again… :grin:

in that case, you need to write books, buddy. Let’s not have a lot of unnecessary things in the general chat :wink:

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This thread got weird. I dig it.


You mean ufw firewall?

It can work with logging disabled - see this thread:

sudo ufw logging off
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@redairforce It seems to run without problems

Yes. It runs fine at the moment. I haven’t closed it yet as I wonder if there is currently a window of time between updating the vim repo and ubuntu updates. Though I can no longer replicate the issue, I just wonder if my theory is correct. If so, then we’d need some way to check the khadas repo before an apt upgrade. I am the type to leave apt update upgrade on a nightly process rather than leave weeks between. This would create a scenario regular midnight brickings.