VIM3 Ubuntu Focal eMMC apt update bricks

There are two contradictions in one sentence, you say that you want to help and then you say that you yourself need to learn a lot

Only the heavens are capable of knowing everything about man and society…
Helping someone is not related to having complete knowledge, it is related to having good heart and having willingness to do something for others…

I believe I have become philosophical again… :grin:

in that case, you need to write books, buddy. Let’s not have a lot of unnecessary things in the general chat :wink:

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This thread got weird. I dig it.


You mean ufw firewall?

It can work with logging disabled - see this thread:

sudo ufw logging off
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@redairforce It seems to run without problems

Yes. It runs fine at the moment. I haven’t closed it yet as I wonder if there is currently a window of time between updating the vim repo and ubuntu updates. Though I can no longer replicate the issue, I just wonder if my theory is correct. If so, then we’d need some way to check the khadas repo before an apt upgrade. I am the type to leave apt update upgrade on a nightly process rather than leave weeks between. This would create a scenario regular midnight brickings.