VIM3 + ToneBoard + Touchscreen + Android Pie

Yesterday I have received VIM3 and have following solution to build:


  • Khadas VIM3 Pro
  • Khadas Touchscreen + TV via HDMI
  • Khadas Tone Board
  • Khadas heatsink


  • Android Pie + SuperSU + GApps
  • Kodi

My goal is to have Android Pie running on eMMC 24/7 with touch screen showing widgets to control smart home devices and when TV (HDMI) is turned on, watch movies via home network DLNA.

Now I know how to build Android + SuperSU + GApps, but I also need to add Kodi into build here. Any decent instructions how I may build Kodi for Android?

Are drivers already embedded into Android Pie sources for Touchscreen and ToneBoard?

Afterwards I will post a detailed build guide and full solution walkthrough :slight_smile:

Hi Gytis,

thanks for posting. I received my VIM3 Pro too and think about how to combine the assembly with the Khadas case + Touch screen. Do you have any idea?
The screen seems does not have any chance to be fixed to the case. It will be then only connected with 2 rather sensitive wires, which could be damaged all of a sudden.
Keeping the LCD connected may be done only for testing purposes, but not for real use.
Can you share your experience?

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Maybe you need something like Khadas did with Edge just for development.

I agree with you maybe we can have a Case to fix Vim with heatsink, LCD, and Battery to make it a portable device. Is that whats on your mind ?

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That’t looks like exactly what I need. I read in this thread that Khadas is going to start selling it in the shop in about a month, because it’s now in the production. It is not clear whether it fits to VIM3 or not, but I’d give it a try.
For the moment I am trying to switch the touchscreen on with Android and so far it does not work at all. I decided for Android, not Ubuntu, because I failed to make DSD playing through Pulse audio. Only Archlinux has a version for audio.
My intention is to use VIM3 with USB audio cards / Tone board with UAPP. It covers both Tidal and all formats of Hi-Res files with proprietary direct sound driver.

You can try manjaro linux and see ifwhat you need works on it.