VIM3 Support & Linux & RS-232?

I have noted little recent activity on the forum. Before I shell out
good money I am wondering???

It, on the surface looks like a real nice board. Pro 3GB RAM 32GB eMMc.
That’s well above what space I give Virtual Machines with VirtualBox.

The spec. sheet mentions a TF-Card. Is an SD-Card suitable?

My goal is to setup a headless environment (No display,mouse,keyboard)
and access it from an IP address via Putty (ssh) or Tera Term.

Run Linux (Debian,Ubuntu). GUI not required. Console via Putty
and if available also a serial console port. That would then feed
back to the host via a dedicated RS-232 cable.

Upgrades to Linux not a nightmare. I have to show others how to do it.

Enable the watchdog and if a crash occurs reboot automatically.

Need a suitable case, power adapter (right angle), USB C to USB 5 foot cable.
Suitable TTL to USB adapter for serial console access.

I would like to be able to FTP into it to do backups & file updates.

My hopes are this is doable. If not move onto a different SBC.


Hello, Reduced activity on the forum was likely a result of, first, Chinese Spring Festival, second, the Coronavirus quarantine. Only recently have some of the Khadas Team been able to return to their offices.

A TF card or Transflash card is a micro SD card. The VIM3 has a micro SD card slot.

Versions of Ubuntu, Armbian and others, both from the Khadas Team and other developers, are available in both desktop and server(headless) varieties.
For Khadas Linux firmwares, see here from the Khadas Docs.
See @balbes150 posts for some great Linux options. See @Spikerguy posts for a nice Manjaro option.

Case, Power supply and other accessories can be found in the Khadas Shop.

I use a CH340G and a Prolific 2303 TTL to USB adapters from PC to the VIMs.

For the rest of your inquiry, I will leave that to those more knowledgeable on Linux than I.

Additionally, you may find Krescue of interest.


My goal is to setup a headless environment (No display,mouse,keyboard)
and access it from an IP address via Putty (ssh) or Tera Term to the serial port.

Came across this…

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Sd-Card is suitable only for running something over it but not for continuous read write. So either make full use of the onboard eMMC or boot from emmc and store data on any external drive connected over usb3 else use sd-card of class10 or above

This should depend on the type of application you want to run on the SBC. If you need the most powerful SBC so far available then you need to go with VIM3 as we have almost all known SBC we work with but only VIM3 can compile the heaviest software possible in a very sensible time as compared to other SBC’s with almost the same specs.
It is not too hard to enable watchdog on most of the distros.

You can use both. Using ssh with IP or connect RS232 using this tutorial.

SSH over Lan IP is much better than over SerialPort(RS232).

You can do this easily with any external drive connected to it using usb3.

I hope this answers all your question.

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