VIM3 NPU demo for SSD MobileNet

NPU Demo from the Toolkit works well for Yolo. Many frameworks can be converted using acuity toolkit, there is an example of custom Yolo Model here

I tried it and I could not make other network models work. There are no examples for transforming any common networks like MobileNet. If I run the three conversion scripts in the SDK, by default, “nbg_unify_mobilenet_tf” is created. However, there is no information on how to transform this into model code in the amu_npu_app and build them successfully. Where can I find this information about creating demo mobilenet code similar to yolo?

Any help would be appreciated here. Thanks.

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@Vignesh_Raja SSD model can’t convert with convert tools . You need to remove the input layer and output layer, then you can convert it . After convert it , you need to implement the input and output layers yourself in your code.

Thanks for the quick reply. I see, any documentation on how to work with SSD model?

The conversion scripts did worked with regular “mobilenet_v1.pb”. By default, there is even in folder called “normal_case_demo” under acuity-toolkit in aml_npu_sdk_6.4.3. This seems to be the converted mobilenet model. I have attached the link here

Therefore I asked how can I get from here to have executable demo file like “detect_demo_x11_usb” (quite similar to Yolo Demos).

I see these are the models that NN can be supported. It would be really helpful if there are documentation on how to convert each of them (especially if there are any differences in conversion like SSD) and deploy them. And, are they any converted models .nb and .so files that can be open-sourced?

@Vignesh_Raja Maybe NN Tool FAQ Docs can help you .

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I don’t have that section in NN Tool FAQ Docs. I have only until 3.7. How can I get updated Docs file?

@Vignesh_Raja NN Tool FAQ (0.4)

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