VIM3 hang on reboot

VIM3 hang on reboot.

SD card removed.

I use the image VIM3_Ubuntu-gnome-focal_Linux-5.12_arm64_SD-USB_V1.0.5-210430.img.xz

Provide more information. Steps of how you used the OS while it hanged… Any logs?

Hello, The image you are using is intended to boot and run from the SD card, if you remove the card it is no more.
If you are wanting to run OS from eMMC, check images with “eMMC” in their name.
From the Readme.txt file there…
"Images in folder ‘EMMC’ mean the image is for eMMC installation, can only flash to eMMC storage.
Images in folder ‘SD_USB’ mean the image is for SD/USB installation, can only flash to TF card or U-disk storage"
Some information from Khadas Docs
Upgrade Via USB Cable.
Boot From External Media.

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Or if you run an SD card image, you need to run emmc-install script which will transfer the OS permanently to emmc. See below:

Install SD card image to eMMC

$ sudo emmc-install