VIM3 Android Pie V210128 ROM Release

Here release VIM3 Android Pie ROM

Check Firmware Page to download the ROM.

ROM Infos:

  • ROM version: VIM3_Pie_V210128
  • MD5SUM: d637957edcde182c78111e27f5078cb1
  • The ROM is for EMMC installation only

Change Log

  • add Khadas API support
  • add the function of copying and pasting files in the file browser application
  • update 800x480 HDMI vesa resolution parameter
  • fix ethernet issue for mainline kernel

Upgrade guidance:

For Khadas API instructions, you can refer to this document.


HDR output bug :
When connect to HDR TV, this FW will always output HDR signal for the SDR content, whatever the Revolution/HDR->SDR/SDR->HDR/HDR priority set up are。The picture is wired when HDR output being forced for SDR content. @Terry

For the display chain with SDR TV, the result is OK.

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Thanks for your feedback. We will check it.


@klinsmn can you provide some pictures to me ? i want to know how you test the HDR

I think he wants to say that he always outputs HDR mode, in any case, please check on a monitor with HDR support, maybe everything will fall into place.

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chrome application problem persists. After updating chrome keeps failing and closing.

When I cut off the electricity of the device, the date and time are reset and it returns to January 1, 2011. Although it connects to the network, it does not automatically set it up. How can I ensure the date setting is made even if the electricity is cut off?

Did you check the menu on Settings?

If the VIM3 is connected to the internet or other time reference like a router, as Terry stated, setting Automatic Date and Time should work.
Without access to a time reference as above, you will need an RTC battery to keep on time/date. Like the one Khadas offers here. Then, like a PC it will keep time for months to years with nothing powering the VIM3.

As Fkaraokur says, on the previous firmware, he had no problems synchronizing the date and time over the network.

I missed that, my apologies.

@klinsmn As for the HDR problem you mentioned last time, I use HDR monitor to test. Vim3 can support HDR. When playing SDR content, there is no abnormal display. So can you provide me with detailed test steps to help me reproduce the problem? If you can take a test video, I will know what the real problem is

In short, when I cut off the power without installing this battery, the clock and clock will always be reset, right? @RDFTKV @Vladimir.v.v

but shouldn’t it update the date and time in a minute or two as it will automatically get the clock? But even with wifi connected can’t do that !!

Yes, settings are automatically set that way! @Terry

Try to reset the settings to factory settings, maybe this will help.

Make sure to set your VIM3 timezone to manual, then set your timezone to your locale. However, leave Time/Date set to auto.

Did you ever get the time issue resolved?

HDRTV is Samsung 65KS8800, VIM3 always output HDR signal.

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Any news or estimate for release regarding Android 11 for the VIM3?

Hello! there is no information from Amlogic, alas!