VIM3 + Android: Change Boot Logo

Hi all,
I just got my VIM3 and I would love to play around with it a bit.
One thing I am interested in is to change the Boot-Logo (khadas-logo) and remove the android-boot animation.
I have the VIM3 with the newest Android running (VIM3_Pie_V191122).
I tried to follow the instructions i found in the forum, but no success: and
VIM3 Boot logo change
I am connected to the VIM via adb, but I have no experience in creating my own boot.img
How would I create a new boot.img with my custom logo under windows10?
Thanks for your help in advance.

You can install the CustomizationTool. And modify the VIM3_Pie_V191122 update image.
Have a try.

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Hi @Terry,
thanks for the Customization Tool. I tried it but unfortunately it won’t take my logo.
When I load the VIM3_Pie_V191122 and select “set logo image” in the tool, a pop-up message tells me “The startup logo is invalid!” - but at this point it should be still the original logo (khadas)?
I ignored the message and put my custom logo for Power on and bootup and its shown in the tool, but after packing the .img and flashing it to the VIM (via USB-Burning Tool) nothing changes.
Any ideas what I would need to change?
I saved the logo in various .bmp Versions (16 & 24 bit), but nothing changed.
Do you know what size & .bmp the used khadas logo has?

I’m sorry to reply you so late. And I try to use the tool to unpack the ROM. But it’s failed for Android 9.0.
I can provide the logo image for you if you give me your logo file.

Sorry for a “dumb” question. im very new to this.
If i read this correctly, If i supply an Image you can make so it will show up during powering up? That would be perfect for what im trying to do. Thank you for your time