VIM3 Android R(11) V210604 Preview Rom Release

Here release the VIM3 Android R preview ROM.

Check Firmware Page to download the ROM.
Check Tools Page to download the flash tools.

ROM Infos:

  • ROM version: VIM3_R_AOSP_V210604
  • MD5SUM: d90277edfec90597d89af9046b606bab
  • The ROM is for EMMC installation only

Tools Infos:

  • MD5SUM: 54d8e791092206e455892b035530bebd
  • The tools is for Windows flash

Upgrade guidance:

  • For Linux flash the ROM
  • For Windows flash the ROM

    1.Run set_path.bat(run as administrator just once)
    2.Run flash_vim3.bat

Be note that the Android 11 are still not quite stable til now, and we are working on to improve it and will continue to built and release new images in the future.

Any feedback are welcome :slight_smile:

BTW, you can also refer the Google Android AOSP documentation page for the built instructions to build the your own firmware.

And we will also commit the patches to upstream Google Android AOSP in the comming days together with Baylibre team @narmstrong.

Have fun!


Thank you for this, I tried to load it to test but this is where it gets stuck:

Some help please :slight_smile:

@JustSumDad Check USB driver for Windows.

what driver should I use? device manager shows “USB Download Gadget” with no driver. IF I force it to use libusb-win32 1.2.6 it seems to install this driver but flash still hangs.

Thank you

I switched to a Ubuntu machine and loaded it there, tested now.

What parts are not working?

@JustSumDad I have a USB dirver. You can try it.

thank you but I was able to stuff it in and get it to boot by useing my Ubuntu setup.

Is this the AOSP build only? Or is the Khadas apps slid in and other things?
I did not look far into it, I only noticed the same memory errors I suffered when I tested the AOSP back in early Apr

Thanx tho :slight_smile:

OK, we’ll fix it ASAP.


would you like trouble reports posted in this thread? I can detail things I find as I go. Time permiting :slight_smile:

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Is Dolby Atmos and DTS-HD working on this ROM?

@Jimibob I doubt those things are enabled, this is just a preview, only basic hardware will be supported

you can make multichannel sound, it will further depend on your receiver.

I have a Denon 6700 and it works well with coreelec. Just prefer to have “full fat” android TV if possible.

There’s no compiled rom for vim3l yet?

1 Like is this firmware for vim3 only, not vim3l?

@Jimibob Yes,just vim3. vim3l was not released.

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I’ve tried compiling for vim3l and cannot burn it. Parse error every time.

Will you be releasing a vim3l img soon?

Vim3l has a serious bug,all USB can’t work, it will be released after fix it.


When I flash this build on Ubuntu all I receive is a double blinking white light, and the screen does not turn on?

Anyone else having this issue? How do you resolve it?

@zates Can you provide more detailed information?