VIM3/3L Google AOSP Coming soon

Too much work, I took the time to learn what I did to repo sync, compile etc fun enough learning Ubuntu and stuff but I can only push so much time into this, I need a working Android system for my project and building one myself is takeing just too long.

@Terry what is the current status of AOSP other than the issue of not being able to package it into a single flashable image out of it ?

if AOSP runs somewhat stable on the VIM3 right now, I am interested in making a simple seamless solution to flash it on the VIM3 with USB-C


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I build AOSP using instructions here:

I upload and flash, based on instructions. Now the problem is that screen is blinking and icons go up and down with each blink. Can you help me find the solution please?

I can build AOSP which is in khadas GitHub, but unfortunately it has not ARM GPU config in kernel configs (My purpose is to enable devfreq of GPU).


@Ehsan This issue is exist in the master branch.

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Thanks for your reply.

Is there a stable branch working fine?

@Ehsan We use this branch.
You can flash this ROM to test it.


Thanks a lot. Your answer help me a lot. I test binary files and also compile them using your instruction on branch 11-r31, and both work fine. ( I use kernel 5.4).

However, now I have 3 problems and appreciate if you could help me please.

1- I want to modify and compile kernel, is it possible that compile and build boot.img separately( not placing the generated image into Yukawa-kernel and building aosp to generate boot.img). If yes what command should be used to generate boot.img from generated uImage file?

2- I download the kernel source code using instruction here:
compile with make meson_defconfig and put generated uImage in yukawa-kernel/5.4/ dir. along with .dtb files based on guide instructions. Then I try to boot boot.img file using: fastboot flash boot boot.img
but this cause that board does not boot up. what is the problem? (should I download the kernel source code from here?):

git clone -b android-amlogic-bmeson-5.4

3- In AOSP which exists in khadas aosp there are fan settings but in this OS I cannot find fan settings. Is there a way to config fan settings?

4- As I said with default kernel it works fine, but it gives following warning when running adb remount command. Is it important or is there a way to fix the warning? ( my board is khadas vim3 pro but storage shows 16GB!).

[liblp]Device size does not match (got 1879048192, expected 2415919104)
[liblp]Block device super size mismatch (expected2415919104, got 1879048192)
[libfs_mgr]add partition scratch
Using overlayfs for /system
[liblp]Device size does not match (got 1879048192, expected 2415919104)
[liblp]Block device super size mismatch (expected2415919104, got 1879048192)
[libfs_mgr]add partition scratch

Best regards,

1- I use instruction compile kernel.
2- Please provide error log.
3-The fan funtion is not OK.
4-At present, AOSP is only for VIM3.

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aosp master是不是就不能用npu了

@xiaoxiaojian315 目前是不支持npu的


Is NPU supported in the Google Android11 branch?


@Ehsan NO, the Google Android11 branch not support NPU.

Is there a chance that it could be supported soon?
I need gpu dvfs and npu.
Khadas version of AOSP has support of npu but has not support of GPU dvfs.
On the other hand Google AOSP has support of GPU dvfs( still required work but there is potential) but has not support npu.

I should work on supporting GPU dvfs on Khadas AOSP or supporting npu on Google AOSP.
Which one do you suggest?

Best Ehsan

@Ehsan At present, Google AOSP not support NPU.


AOSP 下使用串口吗?主要做什么功能呢?


40pin的顶针连接到 14 15 16