VIM3 and NetFlix

before buying the new VIM3, I would like to know if it will work with NETFLIX in 4K or at least FullHD?

4K requires Widevine L1 certification which VIM3 does not have (certification is per-device and no SBC boards with an open boot environment have it). It is possible to fake being a browser to get 720p and 1080p content (inputstream.adaptive handles this for Kodi) but this is technically violating Netflix TOS and Netflix makes occasional changes that disrupt the methods used. So far the disruptions have only been for a short time, but there’s no guarantee. If you want a guarantee … you have to run the gauntlet of Android ‘box’ devices with L1 certs - look for AndroidTV not AOSP.


I’ll risk buying the Khadas Vim3.
I have been using the Rasberry Pi for years and I want to enjoy the latest S922X processor. Buying a Xiaomi Mibox S would be a step back.